A playful and pop in the nail House liberty gel nail art await the spring


Has been developed as a new residential quarterHanda mountainIn one corner of the mansion opened as the nail salon "Nail House Libert & # 8217s; e nail House liberty"Mr.。In 3 months, your beauty by also winning the manicurist history5 yearOfStone Hara Takashi.2010On June 26.To open the home salon is。In my home town next to neighboringHanda mountainIt is also available、Annual nail each month、2MoonWill be indebted to this salon!




One room apartment full of charming personalityLibertyMr. a、Of ornernailistoYuki Yuki.、In practitioner carefully.。See what design would you like?? 」And、In the liberty's、From the shape of the nail、Color、Design and fully customized nail designs are available。"Now、Here is what design is popular? 」And he told us、Hand-painted art inRaceAnd the second is so popular。Many nail designs。Don't get lost in the、The neighborhood is a worry!Yuki Yuki.iPad in、And the nail design everInstagramThe nail design in to show help、From the inside"Taste is such a feeling."And?"I feel too good!"And to tell you、Their incorporating well flow with me responding by、So think carefully and without having been、No doubt in the end"Now、I want this! "And with good judgment he chosen design!


1When you travel to Thailand at the end of the month、And tell you that your right thumb nail broke、It was self-assertive a little length or、TopcoatSoftgelsAnd from the Ramayana、Nail itself is expected to rise"And to be"I would have、Because it was broken before me to explain。The original、That worries me is thin, soft and weak nails。"Such weak nails、Using a hard coat、Adjust the thickness、Hardness and life will be good. "And、So let me so decided to try!


LibertyMr. in theGerowThe、Other stores and off2,000Circle、Its off1,000CircleAnd very reasonable.。(In its off、If only off 1500 yen) and、Strong chemicalsAcetoneWithout the use of、Electric machineAnd then use the、Reduce the burden on natural nailsGerowUs。Cui-, perched on the dentist's treatment is like (laughs) no pain at all and、And gerow in the electric machine、I am happy with green nails as well as the effect of shorter working hours.




After the gerow、And care, such as cuticle treatment、Length and shape State of mind。Thumbs up、It short, broken、1Book onlyScalpAnd ask to repair as well as to other nail length。The length is、Reflect on the previous, and a little short、The shape of this line、OvalStop、Natural and environmentally friendlyRoundThat has been。Base colorCreamAndGreenOf use and 2 color、therePurpleAndChocolate colorHappyHand-painted artGet giving。The image is、In the sample design、We will arrange the color scheme and balance.


After the hand-drawn art、Green seriesAndAuroraThe stone、AndGold bullionPlus、Add the glitz design!


Top coat、As explained in the first、HardIn the asked.。A thick, hard and stiff、Should I protect my weak nails!


2MoonOf nail design、Cream baseTo、Black lineUsing、In the Freehand curve softStained-glass WindowsOf these imagesHand-painted artAlms、Green / purple x chocolateAnd art out changes in the 3 colors of love、AlternatingGreen baseAlong with accents、A pop on the whole was finished in art。It was interesting in the treatment of、I recommend green solid、Yuki's times"Or is it safe to paint? Very strong impact!... "And my favorite color is green is me (lol) and make sure、I、A solid color is no problem at all、Doing different images and paints to actually have it?。It worries me。Her friendly and happy review of、I feel sweet.。And、There you can learn about the nail and、Thanks to her politely me giving the desired design。Recent、But I have been subjected to nail a mature、Originally is this playful pop I love feeling design。I would like、Other stores gerow2,000CircleAnd gel nails7,900CircleIn total9,900Yen (tax excluded)And very affordable! This time、Yuki YukiAnd I, I was to ask。When it gets a little warmer、You want to go to the spring nail!Yuki YukiSan、I also ask you to!

Nail House Libert & # 8217s; e nail House liberty
Reservation TEL:080-3300-7059(* In the practitioner does not come to the phone)
Reservation-only Mail:liberte1224@SOFTBANK.ne.jp
Hours of operation:March-Saturday 9:00-20:00(Nail final acceptance) 9:00-21:00(Final reception macek)
Closed on Mondays:Sunday (occasionally available) for securing the Salon location at time of booking please。

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