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Makinohara route150LineOfShizunami Beach entrance intersection(Family dining peak crossing) headed straight to the coast、1Home roasting coffee shop where you turn right at the second crossroad intersection "COSMOS Cosmos ezo"Mr.。The original、In the owner's family 橋向、Extend your shop was started from a small shack、After the relocation of 2 號舖 eyes on Jing-Bo、In addition2013 OctoberNew near new House & coffee shop is poised、Is a specialty store for home roasting coffee that attracts not only local but also many coffee fun。All big house 1st floor space has become shop、Co. also provided、The ownerMakita DaisukeAnd it offers coffee and his wife made delicious cakes and baked goods。Parking is in front of me is equipped with、Come from afar is safe!


Shop、Warm natural wood grain an.、Of the ownerMakitaLet's counter and table seating can be just around the corner are brewing loose has 22 seats together。Serving counters、20About roasting green coffee beans are sorted and、There is a menu、DirectMakitaIs going to taste even better and is、Can interest smell and roasting at the show。Coffee beans、Even the conscientious100gFrom the purchase by、And in the homeMillYou grind on the fly without、Sawed their way we recommend purchase of beans left!


On this day、Interviewed after the evening for、Interior is quietRoasting roomBy roasting the coffee beans in stock sauceMakitaAnd it's there。And、To check grain grain carefullyDouble hand picksAre you giving。Lovingly, over the effort.、Will be born a cup of delicious coffee.


The other day、When was my parent's home in the new year's holidayCoffee and baked goodsI would recommend it for、If you again go back to my parents ' House、Buy sweets and baking。However,、Still a popular place for、You must be early showcase pastries and baked goods are made much scarce become like。You are looking for"Coffee meringue"That was not、We selected a number of other baked goods.


'Florentines' 250 YenOver caramel almond slice plenty of roll Sablé, is toasted。
"Chocochipsabre" 120 YenChocolate chip and orange peel are grilled with a crispy Sable。
See Maple Sabre"100 yenCanada produced Maple sugar products of good flavor is toasted to luxury。
'Doublechocochunk' 160 yenIs toasted, put lots of chocolate chip Cocoa cookies。
'Chocoball' 250 YenThe crispy texture of the cookies are coated with chocolate。
Madeleine (plain) 150 yenEgg flavor to simple old fashioned sweets。
'Snowball' 250 YenIs the snow where almond slice cookies in Confectioners ' sugar。


MAG Folia blend 100 g 700 yen and baked goods

Last time weMAG Folia blendThe、In fujieda sneaker shop "sneaker-Café MAGFORLIA magfolia"With the collaborative blend、Taste the bitter impact of a dark roast、Sauce and baked goods is also good。I would also want to stop by when you come back home!MakitaSan、Thank you very much!

COSMOS Cosmos ezo
Shizuoka Prefecture bokushi haraichi static wave 2263-6 TEL:0548-22-6685
Opening hours Mon-Fri 12:00-21:00、Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10:00-21:00( L.O.20:30-
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

Shizuoka Prefecture bokushi Hara Shi Jing wave 2263 -6

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