At the OSU beauty clinic Tokugawa meirin shop light treatment monitor


In the light of facials and facial、Women want to be beautiful and I hope hope no andanalyzed、"OHSU Dermatology' From 'OSU beauty clinic"To and technology to change the name and type of business and clinic、Instead of pay, such as cosmetic surgery and beauty salon、Clinic is provided at inexpensive prices to customers。Click here alsoMatsunami, MasaakiHer company "onde co., Ltd."In operation Salon will be!


Shop、Orange color and trend、Space for fresh, clean feeling。All therapists are women、But not limited to the women's and men's care is available.


Click here alsoMT MetatronIs the dealer。MT MetatronAnd the、Raw material as a skin care brand with a commitment2004 yearThe is a cosmetics launched。Not only just give、Will be specifically for aging out of the skin cosmetics。


Quality of the hair occurs with aging、Quantitative changes in stem、Was made, with the intention to improve the、Functional haircare brandMikaerafamaticaAlso be introduced、Scalp massage there is popular among the visitors。By lifting up from the scalp、I offer than lifting effects on skin.


Store ManagerShibayamaAnd I'm in for counseling、Optical deviceThe subject description。On this day、Please clean spots recently especially became concerned about the。Turnovers and promotion (normal)、Promote the rejuvenation of the entire face light facial。Approach to skin problems, using the wavelengths of light (photo lamp)、Because it promotes skin rejuvenation and revitalization of、Effects of scarring, age and sun spots, freckles, fine lines and、Hari gloss of the skin due to proliferation of open pores and collagen to produce effects、Perfect skin effect and promoting economic recovery, such as skin dullness and sagging skin quality improvement、A State-of-the-art optical facial!


Optical deviceNow、For machines with light、Cover, cover your eyes with goggles。Pigmentation (shimi_そbakasu)、Capillary (red)、Open pores、For fine lines, have the effectOptical device。This time the、Will be exposed to totally get rid of freckles。With pachippecic and a small shock face is、ThisLight treatmentsThe finer texture of the skin、For entire face tension.、Cosmetic paste so、I look forward to the effect.


Cool down in the light her blushing face。Spots of black uplift、There is a 瘡蓋 a few days after peeling falls。3Weeks exposure at 1 degree intervals、Depending on the intensity of the spots depends on the number of。Travel time is approximately 1 hour。Optical device(Blotches, freckles, wrinkles, sagging, etc.),、10,280CircleIt is。


At the makeup corner、Your intact makeup immediately after treatment, because the return is safe.


Here this month recommended naming sense of the course has been 堪rimasenn (laughs)Don wallAnd course、Don wallIs、Seems be fine skin face is coming closer! Store ManagerShibayamaIs's like a flowing I want beautiful skin、Please come visit it.

OSU beauty clinic Tokugawa meirin shop
Nagoya-Shi Higashi-Ku, meirin-Cho 2-14 ion Tokugawa meirin shopping center in TEL:052-937-4848
Hours of operation 10:00-20:00( final acceptance 19:30 Open every day

2-14 meirin-Cho, Higashi-Ku, Nagoya City

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