Cosmetics monitor cosmetics MT Metatron in the MT Salon Fushimi flagship store


Set up a headquarters in Nagoya FushimiMT Metatron cosmeticsMedical concepts using a facial Salon 'MT Salon"Mr.。Company to support the women's dreams come true "onde co., Ltd."In operation salon and will。Skincare professionals in the beauty consultants giving advice and treatment according to your skin concerns.。Here the Representative DirectorMatsunami, MasaakiWith the、And we will happily Maserati tie in the car-、Matsunami's operated salons and cosmetic work, whats up I suggested to visit!



onde co., Ltd.The Office-cum-training room、And 2.3 f enters the Salon in the building "Fushimi skin fclinic"Next I。


Waiting room


MT MetatronAnd the、Raw material as a skin care brand with a commitment2004 yearThe is a cosmetics launched。Not only just give、Will be specifically for aging out of the skin cosmetics。


On this day、Store ManagerMatsumoto,MT MetatronFor we have the description of the two-week trial kit。Premium cofre 2014As would be limited this trial kit、Also make a good storage with a simple design, and is very good。Cleansing gel, facial cleanser, lotion, essence and cream, beauty mask is will those 20000 Yen 13824 yen (tax included)。To be surprised、Our salon staff I have、All Foundation is not use at all! It's just、And transparent skin、Spots will be that they are not just one beautiful skin! Click hereMatsumotoAnd I also like pale skin she has! I want to trial and also my first two weeks try in.


MT Metatron 2 week trial kit 13,824 yen (tax included)


In our salon、Basic ultrasonic cleansing and、Provides options to actively reach out to skin problems。Buy cosmetics、Treatment is available at a special price!


After a facial、Using makeup corner、It is possible that make a home。Staff it with make-up advice there、It is safe!


MatsunamiIs it the car inMaseratiOfZagato spiderTo you for leading the way、Light treatmentsHe made "OSU beauty clinic"In towards the Tokugawa meirin shop!

MT Salon Fushimi Head Office
Nagoya-Shi Naka-ku, Nishiki 2-Chome 9-25 No. 1 F TEL:052-218-5573
Hours of operation 10:00-20:00( final acceptance 19:00-
Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays

2-9-25 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-Shi

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