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Enshū-byōin-Mae 6 between streets at Shizuoka culture and art along the OHMAE is nail & hair salon "Salon de Luminosite luminosiate"Mr.。Onana listHattori net addition.、Hall had previously been worked from previous owner2009 yearIn the later handed、And moved to its current location.、2014On February 23.A nail appointment was renewed。Still youngNET loading.、Manicurist career 8 years and long experience、Cute woman with confidence in technology is very polite, can leave.。Staff in the manicuristRie SuzukiAnd I'm having another one、Two friends has been operating in the.


12Campenenail-French lame Tweed pattern Ribbon

This year9MoonThan、In our salonNET loadingAnd I, and are indebted、At the beginning of each month to visit、Has become a habit that you care。Always very carefully over time without burdens on natural nailsGerow up 2,000 yen ( jellnailov with other Salon is 2,500 yen )In please。The design is、That is of course possible to order anything you like、Last 2 times so I、MonthlyOffers and promotionsUse。By luminosiate、Monthly4PatternThe proposed and nail design、You choose the colors you want in the design if、10A book nails!7,800Yen (included in care)And are offered at very reasonable prices。This time the12Campaign of the monthThe from the inside、Suitable for ChristmasFrench lame Tweed pattern RibbonWe selected。Winter、Cute Tweed with a feeling of volume、Likely to be into fashion、Tweed pattern was previously to experience once in nail design。Recent、Red / Brown x also purchased a beige houndstooth coat.、This color is、Red × White × Pearl / GoldIn I had given。The design of the campaign、The base was clear.、Because I am weak clinal、Based onPink beigeToPlus fee: 700 yenIn the added。1Only us with the Ribbon and the ring finger of the left hand。Lovely nails has come for Christmas fun warm perfection! Listen to you talk about goodNET loadingAnd it's thanks to the、Always plenty of conversation, entertaining ask! A simple and elegant designNET loadingAnd it's not to mention the technology、Capita is gently、A polite work Buri in a reasonableLuminosiateSan、It is a very good idea!NET loadingSan、Thank you very much! I also ask you next month!

Salon de Luminosite luminosiate
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Noguchi-Cho 191-2 TEL:053-468-5001
Hours of operation:9:00-21:00 Occasionally closed (full reservation system)

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Noguchi-Cho 191-2

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