Pre-leaf walk in ' wine boutique Hairbow hamakita shop Beaujolais Nouveau tasting 2014


Sanarudai to have a headquarters, holding sister store in the pre-leaf walk hamakita is active "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER hamakita shop"Mr.。PANIER ( Pannier )And the、In France, meaning the wine basket、When that served to mature Kusu、Must-have tools.。Precious bottle wrapPANIEROf so、It would bring in the best quality wine carries.


Shop in the spacious cellars offices behind、Is a fine wine specialty store and Headquarters as well as the thorough quality control in。From the daily wine please feel free to、I was invited and party、And of wine variety will correspond to gifts and celebrations。You can find a wine that suits you、Impression store。Sync, NOERROR、Trilingual staff was that, at that time、Its location、More clearly the wine who fits the scene carefully would select from is.


Every year11On the third Thursday of the monthTo be liftedBeaujolais NouveauYou already enjoy now will you?Beaujolais NouveauAnd the、Built in the Beaujolais region of France-Burgundy、Teach the year the grapes were harvested in that year、FreshNew-NouveauIt is。In Tutu's North Beach、This year's Beaujolais is like very good sales、You likely already have some bottom inventory。Every year must be"This year's Beaujolais is what? 」I think people are talking, you might。Now、A squid taste this year? (Lol)


201411 / 22 (SAT)-24, (Mon)Up to the 3-day、In Tutu's North Beach、2Types of Beaujolais Nouveau tasting is possible。30try ml, 1 cup 160 yen is ¥ 180。(* The number is limited because、Please note that if you run out of stock)。Photo on the right"Domaine-les-2014 Gulliver Beaujolais Nouveau ' tasting 30 ml 160 yenThe、And is stocked annually with Tutu's North Beach、It boasts a flavor to stabilize the。Very fruity, like Strawberry sweet scent、Lushly, juicy。Excellent balance of fruit ripeness and moderate acid and wine。And the left hand photo"Domaine Rochette Beaujolais village and Art Nouveau, cuvee and prestige 2014 ' tasting 30ml180Circle。Normal、In Beaujolais, fruity with lightness and great feature is that Joel、In addition to the Beaujolais flavor、Has been making wine with firm body。Although both are Nouveau、Because the different flavours、You like both please。Our couples、Want to enjoy a bit more heavy wine from another rack、OwnerTetsuya OnoAnd it's wifeYukiko YukikoWith the wine AdvisorSuzuki, drillingIs it of we buy Bordeaux 2 press the seal of approval and a fruity white。Day won favorite flavor in wine、I tired one day forget healed will。Even your own wines in Tutu's North Beach looking for try asking it!

WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER wine boutique Hairbow hamakita shop
Hamamatsu, hamakita-Ku, precious cloth proposal 1,200 pre-leaf walk hamakita 1F TEL:053-489-6145
Hours of operation:9:30-21:30Closed on Mondays:Free

Hamakita-Ku, Hamamatsu City t. cloth 祢 1200

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