LAU kitchen Studio development by original Bento "stacking weight" in making food tasting


A cooking class on the second floor of McDonald's with a cute yellow building at the intersection of Nishi-IbaLAU lau kitchen studio LAU kitchen Studio"Mr.。2012Saturday, March 2,In the open since、As a studio certified by the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association、We continue to convey the importance of homemade cooking with a sincere heart, mainly vegetables.。Of the ownerAtsumi ImasakaMr. a、Beyond the boundaries of the fixed concept of cooking class with a rich idea、We also hold collaboration events with people of various genres and events such as frima.、It has been widely active。In addition to regular cooking classes、On Wednesdays, you can see theRecipe Cafe"And in the name of、1Lunch menu with recipes limited to 20 meals a day is popular。This time the、Laura Kitchen Studio's innovative short-time cooking utensilsLayeringIt is supervised to develop what becomes、We had a demonstration and a tasting party as a presentation party, so we participated♪


while being watched by many participants、Instructor'sAyano.、LayeringWhile explaining the layering recipe using、We will demonstrate several kinds of dishes at once.。To begin withLayeringAnd the、The ownerYoshimi.、"For those who work and raise children、Reduce the time you spend on cooking every day、I want you to put delicious homemade dishes on the table while reducing the burden."It is a short-time cooking utensils that were thought based on the idea that。Cooking、Paste、The layer ingress that can be done at once until the cleanup、Once you've mastered how to use it,、It takes about 20 minutes to complete five dishes.。Easy and hassle-free、When it comes to short-term cooking、Those who do not have time、For those who are not good at cooking、It will be a very convenient cooking utensils♪.




What are the cooking recipes for layers?、It's really just simple.。While showing the lecturer's ayano's splendid kitchen knife、Mix the ingredients and seasonings in the weight one after another.、Easy cooking just to tinn in the microwave。Be honest、The first"Is this easy to cook!" 」I was watching with half-doubt (laughs)


It's complete."Paella with superposition"And"Aquapazza"。Both have a short heating time.、1The heating time for the product is、2Within the range of about six minutes and super short time。The layering is、Because the heat storage property is high by far infrared rays、You can heat the ingredients from the core.、Bring out the flavor of the ingredients。Because it's pottery、I can cook in a short time.、that it does not let the umami go away。And like the name of piling up、It is possible to cook the weight on top of each other.。As a result、2It seems that two dishes can be completed at the same time by the step-by-step! This is、It♪ seems to be a revolutionary product for housewives who do not have time exactly


This is also a finished dish."Charshu with layers"。Although it takes time to soak the taste in pork belly first、Put a heavy lid on it.、In the microwave600Heat for 6 minutes at WJust finish in no time。By taking advantage of the lid、It becomes a product that eco is also conscious to suppress the consumption of the wrap。What's amazing is that、It is a fact that this chashu was soft and delicious! Including the owner Atsumi、The recipe of the layer which the lecturers made a failure and repeated lying、It seems to be aiming at the improvement of the perfection of the finish now♪.


This one was baked in advance."Focaccia with layers"And"Melon bread with layers"。Because it can cope with not only steamed dishes but also ovens、It seems that bread can be made in no time.。The texture is also freshly baked、Fluffy Mochimochi。I like the saltiness of focaccia.、Because the appearance is pretty, too、It is convenient for the hospitality of the home party♪


I was allowed to taste five kinds of dishes completed in a demonstration of about 30 minutes and two kinds of bread prepared in advance.、And at the end of the day, they even made dessert! The pudding that remains in the layering is decorated♪


It is during the"Purine Ara Mode with Superposition"It is the completion of! The fruit was frozen because it was not the time.、The pudding was very smooth and delicious.。If this is the case, you may be able to enjoy cooking and making desserts with small children.。Cooking utensils that will create a conversation while surrounding the kitchen with the family on holiday! including that meaning、OwnerYoshimiThis packed with the thoughts ofLayeringThe、I think it's very good.。Those who want to feed their husbands and children with loving homemade food, but do not have time.、It is a very recommended product for those who are not good at cooking by all means♪


In Laura Kitchen Studio、Cooking classes are offered in various courses.。Find the right course for you、Why don't you try increasing your favorite food little by little?。For more information, see、Please visit Laulau Kitchen Studio's website♪.

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