Furniture manufacturer with manufacturing license Denmark design furniture's 'Kitani Kitani"high mountain


Scandinavian designers and their relatives with the concluding partnership、Acquired license of Scandinavian classic furniture is not currently produced in the country, has produced "Kitani Kitani"。Nordic furniture boasts beautiful isnt in it design and carefully selected materials、Skilled craftsmanship to gather、At one point one pointmade in JapanThe will be imprinted with Japan from Denmark furniture manufacturer.


Carved home furnitureWas said、Designer of Denmark still has an enthusiastic fans in the worldFINN JUHL, Finn Juhl。To faithfully reproduce the appearance of the building at that time Denmark he was architect designed in house project "Finn Juhl mansion project"As launched、Wilhelm Hansen Foundation、Under the cooperation of the Embassy of Denmark、Finn Juhl's birth anniversary 1/30/2012 was completed in this area。You can enter only opening day、Entrance fee per person3,000Circle(Gold Sponsor) will be。Photographing homes is prohibited。We recommend advance booking admission you would like。Reception dial:0577-34-6395(Co., Ltd. Shin-) in recent years、Nordic furniture are becoming increasingly popular in Japan。To cherish a life its charm and relaxed Scandinavian culture、Many people share and、Desire know broadly how they、Feel out of bases and facilities、It came to complete the Finn Juhl House。Fascinated by the simple space and furniture, as well as、Works of art, such as beautifully arranged sculptures and paintings、The light from the Miwa and wind。From all feelings for Finn Juhl architectural and design not will you can feel!


Nestled in Scandinavian furniture museum "Easy Handan House has"Now、The collection of Kitani、It is possible to visit the gem of the Scandinavian classics furniture。"Handan"、In the tradition of China means that the fugitive's faded glory。This 'Swept away by age、Position to pursue the essence of things"In the Kitani are utilized in the products!


And up a hill from the entrance、From the views overlooking the lush nature of the、Kitani's workshop cum、Showroom shop cum、The head office。In the right hand showroom photographic images click here、5Was held an exhibition by designer。Difficult to read in the Sun.、Through the right glass to showroomArne JacobsenThe appearance of the antique egg looks。In addition to、Beautiful Nordic designs chairs are beautiful one leg at a time、Like the works of art are exhibited。Transplant and Moss from the back while this hills, the modeling of installation、Tanaka Kiyoshi statementThat hand with the Chairman himself! By all means have fun the installations were meant not only furniture but also touches!


In front of the Shin-showroom、Attract the eye is feeling the impact。"God hand shugo lagged"With sculptor named Gifu PrefectureAmano HirooBronze statue of was helmed by。The Kitani、And as a symbol of all the people who create things out of hand、2008/SeptemberTo be erected。For left or right hand overlaps one hand God is、There two thumbs up。Center is connected with the brain and、Finger stretching into the sky,、Part of the wrist's face、Temple is in the center of brain parts、In the whole image at。In a very unique image、Has your face full of charm。Take a look、That picture in front of the symbol of this manufacturing and handicraft God?!


On-site workshop and showroom、HQ photo shoot is prohibited。Direct me guide Tanaka President、Here we have taken permission from head office porch garden and landscape。River topped with let they prevent and resonant sound and the sound of the trees、On the veranda stayed cozy autumn delicious coffee for a while 1 break!


Round eight real estate groupChairman of theHirano OsamuWe introduce Mr.Kitanijapan co., Ltd.The Chairman,Tanaka Kiyoshi statementMr. nay passion for furniture manufacturing、Look in the Studio、Able to hear the backstory in the finul House construction, such as。Now、That greeted generations also craftsman、I was surprised that some young male craftsmen and craftswomen in the Studio。Scandinavian design and techniques used、Awardees in the making, even incorporating the unique Japanese technology daily。Furniture possess only the original power of the wood are made to maximize appeal to please look! President Tanaka、Taking your time to thank you very much! Will also make stopovers during homecoming in Toyama.

Co., Ltd. Shin-high mountain showroom
Gifu Prefecture Takayama matsukura town 2115 address TEL:0577-34-6395
Hours of operation:10:00To 18:00(Winter is 17.:00Until) open all year round (except for year-end and new year)

2115-Cho matsukura Takayama city, Gifu Prefecture

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