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2010 yearThan running a nail salon Soude family home inKaizu (now:Sinchon) ayaneChan's 'at.nail at nail"Mr.。In the sideline and housewife parenting、Also the system of one year has passed quickly and smoothly and、So now, to walk along the wall and grow。The system hug and、Smile at us.


Interior is pure white walls clean.、Cute tickles the heart racing accessories, cushion。In the Salon at home (home)、What came to my friend's House to play and、Sweet ayane-Chan Ho was is a salon full of warmth in customer service an。Getting married in both household chores and child-rearing、They resumed the salon business even further、Changes to opening hours, closed on Wednesday、Have been efforts such as well as a working mother to mother with help of the system of child care while。On this day、夏ネイル第2弾で今週末に控えたお盆休み仕様のネイルに爽やかで涼しげな海をイメージしてお願いしています♪



前回のクリームイエローにホイルアートを施しエスニックテイストで太陽のような大胆なストーンも大変好評でしたが、This time the、ようやく取れる今週末のお盆休み仕様に夏に海を連想させて爽やかなブルーグリーンベースでオーダーストーンの周りにはブルーグリーンのラメを敷き詰めてその上からブルー系ホワイトクリア系のストーンを砂浜に浮かぶ貝殻のように見立てて配置してもらいました!今回も予想以上に素晴らしい出来栄えです!前回はデザインに凝ってしまい過ぎたせいか予算内に収まらなかったので、I have approximate treatment prior to budget within a satisfactory result! (Thank you) that is enjoyed summer holidays sea.


Treatment after drop-off will ayane-Chan and his son CHAN。Good camera didn't chance of smiling ago.、涼しげなお顔をしながらクールな性格の息子ちゃんは一体誰似なのでしょう?(笑)もう1人でテクテクと歩き回るので元気一杯で可愛いです!彩音ちゃんまた来月もよろしくね~♪

atenail at nail
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Hours of operation:10:00-14:00、16:00-20:00(Full reservation system) closed:Wednesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Soude 783 -4

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