France antique gadgets 'Violet violet' reception in KAGIYA building


As the building where young creators in the Hamamatsu City、Picked up, CASA BRUTUS kirsabrutas, have attracted attention "KAGIYA building"The 2 F to France antique general store"Violet violet"Mr.2014June 29th (Sun.)To be opened and、In the same building "BOOKS AND PRINTS"San"KAGIAA CAFE cagiyacafe"With the same floor also opened new shops!


2014June 28th (sat.)To catch and information held a reception party、Staff visited! Yet signs are in place is not、The moment difficult to understand may be、Up the stairs to 2nd floor right、Open the lower door immaculate and there、Music flows of France chansons、Is simple and filled with the feeling of "yutori space with a white spread.、Like to remind France time、And the world is waiting for。In the reception of the day、Next door "KAGIYA CAFE cagiyacafe"And I also served in catering from the numerous、White wine or juice was provided.


The owner was a fashion designer was originally staying in FranceMatsushita and his wife。WifePurple (Yukari)Is it the hobby is"Hamamatsu City France antique goods to spread the word、As a fusion of old and new、In addition to modern life than old ones、Please send feel relaxed lifestyle.And hope strong、It became a shop here to start with。The name "Violet violet"The、In France,PurpleThe mean。It is your wife a nice name is name.


All products hit the shelves、For my wifePurpleLet's just what has been raised locally。Beautiful antique goods. the fixtures with a simple shelf、In a piece of Purple's friend、Has been produced according to this restaurant this time。Can be ordered through furniture as possible so、Contact the shop for more information.


Table coordination are reminiscent of a nice apartment in Paris, France。A white tablecloth with simple glass and tableware。So flavor and a little gift!


Illustration of a brilliantly colored birds between clips、Like art made lamp shades。This is your husbandPine adult micro ( Matsunaga had her perforated )And it's work。Should be made in improvisation and、In the center of the shop's ornament、Has become a subtle brightness to light a nice piece!


KAGIYA building owners as well、Round eight real estate groupPresidentKeisuke HiranoIs it (photo left) exactly were we took to celebrate! Your husbandPine Shigeaki(Photo right),、There are stayed ten years in France、Is fluent in France,。Two years ago、While talk about the journey on their honeymoon France profile、Proving very enjoyable story of his sabbatical.


Want to suggest come to spend leisurely time visited Paris in what shop! It is sure to be healed in a gentle personality of Matsushita's husband and wife violet's two!

Violet violet
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 229-13 KAGIYA Bldg. 2F
Hours of operation:Moon、Gold、Soil、Day 11:00To 18:00 site opening

229 -13 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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