Maserati Hamamatsu automotive town Italy luxury brand car dealer Grand opening!


On the site of the Motor City dealer old Alfa-Romeo、More and more "Maserati Hamamatsu"Mr.6/14(Sat.)ToGrand openingWas! Maserati Japan co., Ltd. (President::Fabrizio cazzoliMr.) is、Sasayama city, Hyogo Prefecture based on imports from sales of vehicles, domestic new car used car sales、Engaged in maintenance of peace、Listed in the "customer satisfaction first."Queenauto co., Ltd."(President and Representative Director:Tabata, ToshihikoMr.) and Maserati authorized dealer agreement。Based on the Maserati latest CI showroom and service Bay established、Shizuoka Prefecture will start full-scale sales activities as a trade。Showroom、Service factory is located in a highly convenient location、Provide suitable for luxury sport brand with high-quality service and elegant atmosphere。In the future、Hamamatsu is expected mainly in the Tokai district!


Will appear in the store where、Maserati modelsNew Ghibli Ghibli!3That second generationGhibliThe、His debut as a four-door saloon differs from previous generation 2-door models。4,970 total length × width 1945 x in height 1485 mm、More than 700 mm longer than its predecessor、Width and 170 mm wide、Speaking in a Mercedes or BMW 7-series and S-class long and of equal size and length, got、Have to pick up the imposing stature suitable for Quattroporte protégé。There's youthfulness with swinging Quattroporte slightly larger luxury feeling different、GranTurismo boasts a beautiful animal like appearance and performance. lean, though it has a w、Giving out while using the grill front design hides the GranTurismo sharp design、Despite its beauty of form 4-door luxury saloon has become luxury sedans that can be enough to appeal as a Sports Coupe! Reduces the price than ever before、The entry model is 8340000 yen-and has become a pretty affordable price。Today in the city of Hamamatsu Maserati users are steadily increasing。Not in fun of the future!


About 1459 m² (441 square meters) is a large showroom area。A car always can be exhibited 3 vehicles。Near the center of the Hamamatsu City、Hamamatsu i.c. down, facing the National Highway No. 152 line of Motor City、Boasts highly convenient location。And design of the showrooms in、All of the latest Maserati CI was implemented in、A sleek white and blue shades、Provides elegant luxury sports brands.、Large glass spaces、Will produce a bright airy and relaxing moments.


Grand opening day、Ghibli、Quattroporte S、GranTurismo sports are on display in the showroom、Many of your visitors will see、Touch、Ridden, was like being entertained.


Complete with us support and delivery after service factory、Inspection and maintenance、Maintenance also available。Current owners also future owner as to if you will offer service to the people。At Maserati Hamamatsu、Of the General ManagerSugiura AkiraObama started.、Consists the best staff, sales staff and service staff anyone attached to the acquired skills and business skills。More than anything、Suitable for dealing with Italy that Maserati luxury brands members。I hope in the future!

Maserati Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, North Island town 772 TEL:053-589-4366
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku Kita island town 772


Artforum × Maserati exhibitions
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Maserati Hamamatsu OP party
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