'at.nail at nail"and this summer's refreshing goyas VI scheduling and flower art


2010 yearThan running a nail salon Soude family home inKaizu (now:Sinchon) ayaneChan's 'at.nail at nail"Mr.。In the sideline and housewife parenting、Also the system of one year has passed quickly and smoothly and、So now, to walk along the wall and grow。The system hug and、Smile at us.


Interior is pure white walls clean.、Cute tickles the heart racing accessories, cushion。In the Salon at home (home)、What came to my friend's House to play and、Sweet ayane-Chan Ho was is a salon full of warmth in customer service an。Getting married in both household chores and child-rearing、They resumed the salon business even further、Closed up on Wednesday, has been changed opening hours。Have been efforts such as well as a working mother to mother with help of the system of child care while。On this day、Nail and foot Neil please at the same time because it was、Hands and feet with a five-hour marathon at、Long time fun conversation and ayane-CHAN、Oh that passes between the。Finish、Things like when、It is also impeccable pony! But I think that (feeling) still nail technology is also very important?、Design power feeling and taste things to say!


Nail "refreshing white go just VI module.

The nail、This time、That summer, wish Pearl White。And、Ordered the Dim atmosphere such as rings tessellation。Location of this stone、It is now perfect! Ayane is shy, too much praise and is、Is a compliment, I'm not happy who is not (laughs)


Foot Neil "red × blue-green cute pop flower art.

One's feet、That has become a seasonal wear Sandals on bare feet、And wish to enter red and blue-green color scheme、Large flower art the hope I had sprinkled the stone! Also very cute look is joy 100 times! (Thank you) on the job、Although the length is not、Crazy claws like unto frogs always will dress up ideal to ayane-CHAN! You guys、Recommended nail salon retreat is.

atenail at nail
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Soude 783-4 TEL:090-4864-6748
Reservation-only Mail at.nail@DoCoMo.ne.jp
Hours of operation:10:00-14:00、16:00-20:00(Full reservation system) closed:Wednesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Soude 783 -4

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