Beauty salon "Cardia Russo total beauty coordination of beauty and well-being

Enshu Railway (commonly known as:Electric red) of first street headquarters had been located just off the station near the intersection of transfersTransfer openAnd、That deploy multi-store beauty salon "LUSSO CARDIA Cardia Russo"Mr.。"LUSSO"And the、In Italian"Luxury"And mean、And reliable technology、Modern techniques that take into account the seasonal、And the condition of the hair and aftercare advice to、And hospitality while standing in front of the customer always、Proposed style best customers a wide range of ages and continue to meet various demands、Desire is able to spend a luxurious time how theyCALDIA LUSSOIt was named and。On the front of the shop、5-car parking、Other 2 parking in the nearby park.


Shop、The white tea system combined with a clean interior with、Set seven to shampoo booth four、And、Luxury shampoo Chair becomes a totally flat body "YUME"Equipped with private spa room set up。On this day、Her husband's stylistHirata, ChieIs going to sharply cut hair growth have to charge 20 cm、I give head massage、It was。I、Cut just because we want to extend、Mature hair with daily fatigue, enjoy the healing Spa。45¥ 5,000-minute basic SpaThe、In the basic course of the Spa、Will giving basic care from the dirt of the scalp hair treatments can。After the scalp and hair diagnosis、Giving out a massage with a shampoo that suits each、Us establishes a condition of the scalp。You can go to sleep with the smell of the shampoo stand, the warmth of the steam and aroma healing。Who is in charge of SpaYamamoto ArisaRight on, thanks、The scalp becomes lighter and、Shiny hair is moist、Mind you face than lifting effects as well、Could spend hours of bliss.


When I finish the treatment、In caldia's Executive DirectorShintaro ItoLet's us go so、The end of the monthMaserati exhibitionsThe event guide, we will exchange information。The Executive Director has just been married recently、Another seems to be dad soon! It comes with、It'll come when Mr. Ito also known as Baba! (Lol) wish the birth of a baby safely and look forward to it ~ ♪

CALDIA LUSSO cardiarusso
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Owari-Cho 125-18 TEL:053-456-1388Closed on Mondays:Monday
Hours of operation:Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:30-19:30Gold 10:00-20:00Saturday, Sunday and holidays 9:00-19:00

125 -18 Owari-Cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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