Maserati sakurayama visit new Ghibli delivery starting December


Maserati-Japan、Outstanding performance、Maneuverability、Luxury、And the innovative Italian design、Delivery has been started since December, and announced the first Maserati with a strategic price, plus the ease of middle sedan "Maserati Ghibli"。At Maserati dealers in Rome I've seen the Ghibli after recent Italy trip.、Since the slow 見renakatta、This time、Stopped by to a Maserati run by Nagoya Watanabe automobile sakurayama。


The new model "Ghibli"、2015In the second of three models to achieve the annual production of 50000 units system, introduced to Maserati、Model E segment combines the longing and expectation of Maserati values。 Was released before "Quattroporte," more sporty, lightweight and compact yet、Powerful performance and low cost。Opens new frontiers for Maserati to target new customer segments。Sales of new cars last year 6,300 units was the、At 22,500 and rising number of orders at the end of September this year and European media is reporting that、The sales are going well。


In addition to、2014Years as a model、Will be released、The new SUV car、Maserati Levante "Maserati Levante" is expecting sales of 25000 units per year and、Sales objectives also in dream do not have.。


Gandini design to photography because it took nearly 10 years to the Ghibli preceded by、But I still have the image of a powerful compact Coupe strongly、Ghibli was relaunched the sedan is finished in taste completely different atmosphere。I think without so much discomfort even if you're riding in the BMW and Mercedes-Benz brand can help to change?。As your own、Year after year、Become a normal car Maserati、Sorry if anything bad to anybody can ride、Is widely perceived to be glad。


The line-up of the Ghibli、One is a model of the new 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbo engine、Ghibli's RWD (rear wheel drive) and、AWD (four-wheel-drive) [Ghibli S Q4.。And the power of the highest output class best and 410 ps (302 kW) / 5500 rpm、1650the 550 Nm of torque at low rpm RPM。0-100km/h acceleration and top speed, 5.0 seconds and Ghibli's 285 km / h、"Ghibli S Q4", 4.8 seconds and reach 284 km/h。Brings a powerful driving experience。

Price (tax included) is Ghibli's 9400000 Yen、"Ghibli S Q4' 10, 100000 JPY。Because it seems to be priced near 8 million yen probably "Ghibli" basic model input is still ahead in the、It was very accessible price range。

2014So the opened the long-awaited Maserati dealer Hamamatsu in June、In Hamamatsu Maserati users just got more and more。By the way a dealer operates a Hyogo Kimoto co., Ltd. the company、Based on the Maserati latest CI showroom and service Bay established、The Shizuoka Prefecture population、Starts full-scale sales activities。Location is so far was open for former Alfa Romeo automobile city。

Now、That was in mid-December from cannot test this is a test ride of the Ghibli、Then you would like to test the opportunity to go to Nagoya。

Maserati sakurayama
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya-Shi Showa-Ku sakurayama Cho 1-1-3 TEL:052-851-6222
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

1-1-3 sakurayama Cho Showa-Ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi Prefecture

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