Fall nail designs retreat Salon "atninail at nail' is Peacock pattern of letting go


2010Since running a nail salon Soude home in kaizu jotte and kaizu (now:Sinchon) ayane-Chan "at.nail at nail"Mr.。Is married, happily 懐妊、The maternity leave period was taken up to July of this year、And half-year and steadily growing system、2013Salon sales resumed in August.


Interior is pure white walls clean.、Cute tickles the heart racing accessories, cushion。In the Salon at home (home)、What came to my friend's House to play and、Gentle kaizu-Kun HO! is a salon full of warmth in customer service an。Getting married in both household chores and child-rearing、They resumed the salon business even further、Closed up on Wednesday, has been changed opening hours。It is striving to be good as a working mother to mother with help of the system of child care while!


Pregnancy in kaizu-Kun、And Bob with long silky hair.、And Blythe, cute right?。Although MOM、Kaizu-Kun is always cute is your job is!


Now、Fall nail designs、Wished Peacock pattern is not in self gel。Italy travel fashion image to Bordeaux and the green-jackets and coats、It used the pink beige suit base、Peacock pattern beige, gray and off-white with wine was subjected to diagonal。What looks make latte art brush handling。Surely kaizu-Kun briefly until the process not latte art alley! (laughs) Maj Maj will was may、Question is this technique yourself?。Still reasonably fun self gel、Now that was, I think when we left to the professional.


This fall is the completion of the nail。Every finger's peak cock pattern and Kudo's also located below the、Aperture 3 fingers、Diagonally into remaining base color、I had decorated with gold glitter, glitz。Lame justification clear and gold stones and studs are located left hand ring finger and thumb of your right hand, plus gorgeous。Most of the design and color scheme、State of the atmosphere、Me at at least imagine that feeling and taste is great kaizu-Kun is the finish of choice。"I feel like I" and、Me know, watch favorite、Safe sea Tsu-Kun can be so attentive, and leave everything to be ready。Try my nails came out to pick up my boyfriend short。"I can cum! Too different! "And wishes。So that's it。Out my boyfriend is in love a sense of kaizu-Kun、Me rave nail again while a classy glamorous to me ♪ (my joy)


Enjoyed a nice cup of tea and roll candy、Smarter upstairs at nenne baby was also to meet、Up to hug me。Very nice the Puni and sweet milk aroma is slightly larger than the standard 8 kg and grow up to baby's skin。Could be a really good time。Kaizu-Kun、Thank you! Come to my house next took her husband and baby take a look at it ~ ♪

atenail at nail
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