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Hokuriku vocal unit "SONORITY" TAKUMA spun bond to talk about at the Arche


Along the main street of Toyama kakeo West intersection angle、Car shops run by my partner's brother Jun-Kun "ARCHE Arche"There。Light from four up to supercar handling used cars auto sales, as well as、Auto repair、Car maintenance、Automotive paint、Auto body repair, etc.、In the shops、On the car that is sales and then Lord。


Lamborghini、Ferrari、Bentley、Lexus、Centered on luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz while European used car sales、Aero parts、Air suspension、Growing、Expand the original custom branding using large-diameter aluminum、Offering luxury style。Now、Lamborghini Murcielago vehicle and、Bentley、Mustang and exhibits、And still more eye-catching lineup。In addition President Jun-Kun、And the ARK reform reform of Interior and exterior、Pub management "Bon,"、In addition to the、Imai, Ryo (imairyou) and jointly engaged in sales of car accessories and apparel goods "INNER DAGGER.、Are diversified。


And from this year、Performing arts productions "ACS entertainment"Launch their own、Now、Duo vocal unit from Toyama Prefecture has focused on the promotion of the artists "SONORITY"。They are、In a vocal audition finalists last year formed、In the show which marked the debut Tokyo, Meguro gajoen、1000Records the mobilization of more than。Also、Office of strongly connected with performing arts center、Likely to be played with many famous people。In the future、Aiming to increase national awareness of Kanto region centering、On the other hand、Will change it the energy activities to deepen "ties" in Toyama。As one of its initiatives、The PV of the song 4 song second album released last year 2012, 5-3, Sharing of a Dream in white memories、After she told reporters were talking about "Mai, Toyota" is TAKUMA played co-star as lovers, and appoint、Steadily refers to the subject as notable for YouTube and Facebook。


On this day in Office、Worked as vocal SONORITY and、We will talk to TAKUMA also songwriting。Previously he was、Looking back on itself、There were 10 generation is ignorant、Youth due to the rigors of the world, fear not said too much。Was raised in fatherless families、Without her mother out to working alone at night、No friends take to the rest of the world、Just guitar it is song by、TAKUMA was soothing to the spirit that。World of his mind though and the cry of the soul quiver filled with heart will hold nationwide、VITE seconded spiders defeat auditions in Tokyo。Local、I continued activities in Toyama、Your own reality that alone can't do anything in the form we have run into is。Quire、Senior friend up through、Meeting with Jun-Kun is.、Has a wide network of contacts around the country, not just in Toyama、Being struck by the Jun-Kun everything hit at best enthusiastic attitude、This person go with! And determined that the。And over the years under Jun-Kun、He encounters many people with social studies、Also experienced the harshness of society、Big mind is developed。But now is still a novice,、Without giving and partner Sho-Hei best message to convey continues we talked he strongly。The meaning of SONORITY、Resonance。Off spiders flowing from the album sweet, gentle singing voice、What's behind his feeling、Please give listen to the resounding voice!


Your real name:Ishikawa Taku Kuma age:23Years of age
Biography:Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture。15In the age of bands.、Japan for tours across the country。21And turned to the singer-songwriter from the age、Words & music、That can be responsible for all arrangements of、As the producer of the Office in。

SONORITY 1st Album Sharing of a Dream / CMSearch the SONORITY in iTunes!

ARC group
Toyama Prefecture Toyama-Shi kakeomachi, 615 TEL:076-482-5009
Hours of operation:10:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays

Toyama Prefecture Toyama City kakeomachi, 615

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"Sunflower dining" sign、The iron snail vine and vine Feel free to taste the fish in Toyama hideaway Tavern ' chankonabe dozens WH ' at brothers who
"Sunflower dining" sign、The iron snail vine and vine
Feel free to taste the fish in Toyama hideaway Tavern ' chankonabe dozens WH ' at brothers who


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