Enshū-Mori noodle konnyaku、Tokoroten Shoppe "h. yonekichi" 1 Prince tribute konnyaku


0/1854、By the original founder Hisashi yonekichi、Start making "konnyaku" by enshū-Mori、Since、First Kume Yoshida traditional techniques is passed from generation to generation、Now coming to the 5th generation、The history of the、It is marked regional record of Mori-machi shuchi-history miscellaneous notes。5Mr. Shozo kurashima kyuzaemon、2001In January "co., Ltd. Sakura island" was founded、2009September change co., Ltd. Kume's name and organization。Meet the needs of customers while retaining its traditional manufacturing method、Retail and wholesale "Kume Yoshida"Mr.。On the same site in the parking lot side、Earlier "Heal you by h. s. Yoshida miyamae dengaku"Mr. hits!


In the shop、Tokoroten, konjac and the display started.、Other Mori handmade products are crammed with hits。Jump in front of the characters "1 Prince tribute"。And Madam 1、And means of the oguni shrine、Items placed here、It's a konnyaku is actually present at oguni, tokoroten!


Can almost taste products are in、Konjac a variety of elasticity and taste、Guests can enjoy a tasty。Even after a meal、100% using the konnyaku potato konnyaku because without worrying about calories and enjoyed the tasting (lol)、Grate konnyaku who are making down。Lye and fire safe。That is of course food is served with miso or salad dressing、"To rather enjoy the taste of the original、Intact washed but not sure can order "and the clerk says konnyaku tends to become a supporting character in the presence of the leading!


Konjac noodles (with 2 meals) 600 Yen

Using the "1 Prince tribute raw things shirataki"、Konjac noodles。The Kume Gil student things shirataki、Because the building, an anticoagulant to reduce extreme、Its still、Stinks of konnyaku and shirataki-lime so-called konjac is not。No lye smell the aroma of a raw potato to this shirataki、Konjac noodles noodles to perfect it is。Soup、With stores of Kume、Comes with a special soup。Recipes are very easy and boiling for 30 seconds、Just get beaten in the hot soup is finished!


Konjac noodles healthy with low、We tasted。Also I mildest and elasticity with dust and goodness in your throat、And not at all heavy rigid sense enough。This is、Women are not very happy 1.


In one corner, like garden outside the shop、There where the water is pumped up。Would you believe、The water pump from the 150 meters、Contains rich iron and salt、Very good for skin、Razor losing men and rough skin, etc seems to be effective。Use and lotion、First given bottles to purchase 300 yen、Water it's possible a free!


The cure ball skin bottle ¥ 300

This water rich in minerals was termed the "ball skin cure.。Skin becomes glossy、Knowing the dryness and became、It seems to have many people who lots of!


Enshū-Mori、Those who come to visit shrine oguni、We founded 150 years what I savour the taste of historic tradition!

Kume Yoshida
Shizuoka Prefecture shuchi-gun minamimori-machi, Ichinomiya 3843-7 TEL:0538-89-0015
Contact hours:10:00-up to 17:30 PM

3843 -7 Ichinomiya minamimori-machi shuchi-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture

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