Marburger nail with nail salon retreat of YAIZU "Lien lien.


And the best friend of YAIZU Chin nail salon in one room of the home. "Lien Lien"Mr. at the、After acre off to work doesn't interfere with such short nails with gel nails。By Leanne、Nail school started.、Order for bridal nails are available。Also、Summer exposure of the skin to become more Britto also popular is.。And Manicurist, and owner I that Oi Tomomi-Chan and my sister even michinn two alike responsible for us!


The design of this、Summer bright sun or was made of white marble orange color with a refreshing vitamin。And only the fingers of both hands to put stone accents a little psychedelic images。2Who cues each hand at the same time so time is cut in half。At least neat、EMI's、Cute nail me, thank you!

Lien Lien
Shizuoka Prefecture Yaizu-shi Hon-Machi 2-Chome 19-25 TEL:054-631-7770
Hours of operation:11:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

Shizuoka Prefecture Yaizu-shi Hon-Machi 2-Chome 19-25

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