"Pac-Man 40th Anniversary" Debut 45th Anniversary Enka Singer Takashi Hosokawa and Other Collaboration Sake

I have been indebted to you at events etc.Takashi Hosokawa Music Office Co., Ltd.Tatsuya Fujii, President and REPRESENTATIVE DIRECTOR ofKageyama Melon FarmI gave you an angel sound muskmelon、He seemed to be very pleased and received a wonderful gift!

2020"Pac-Man Sake Series" sold in commemoration of Pac-Man, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2008, and Enka singer Takashi Hosokawa, who celebrated the 45th anniversary of his debut last year, collaborated、Junmai Ginjo, which is a special collaboration sake of game & enka legends"Takashi Hosokawa & PAC MAN Sake"。

1980Released in the 1980s、"Pac-Man", a nostalgic character that everyone has never been seeing.
It is a blockbuster game that is said to be "Pac-Man Fever" in the United States, caused an empty boom, and is certified as a Guinness Record as "the most successful professional game machine"!

Pac-Man and enka legends who continue to be loved all over the world are very unique.、The moment I opened it with an impactful label of Takashi Hosokawa and Pac-Man drawn with dot pictures, my smile spilled out unintentionally♪

The CD is、Takashi Hosokawa's latest version "2020 Iyomante Night"、2013Debuted in May 2008 with "Shamisen Dingtori Bird" and won the Record Grand Prix Rookie of the Year Award、[Remaining Moon] released in 2017, the fifth year of debut、Enka singer Morikomi,who is loved by karaoke fans and has a long hit, "Nostalgia (with DVD)"、5folk song at the age of 18、7Tsugaru Shamisen at the age of 30、Starting with the shakuhachi、It has the name of "Mitsuhashi Ayaka" of the folk song Mitsuhashi style、11When I appeared in "Sekijani's sorting ∞" at the age of 30、Because it was a three-disc set that the Hosokawa team was aligned with "Tsugaru Shamisen Alone Trip / Tokachi Horse Song" by Aysei Yokota, a folk song and enka singer from Iwamizawa City, Hokkaido, who is researching Hosokawa-san after being fell in love with him、This was given to my parents in Toyama who like enka!

In the enclosed letter,、I received a letter of thanks with a feeling in a beautiful letter that flows with a sleuth、I am filled with gratitude for President Fujii's care.。Thank you so much!

Takashi Hosokawa Music Office Co., Ltd.

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