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Souvenir gift our Maserati Festival 2013



Souvenir gift (1) "Frette Filette"The mineral water (frizzante:Sparkling、Near:No carbonated)

The other day、Who participatedMaserati Festival 2013But whenever guests gift gifts have。This time、Paper given at the reception desk was very heavy。Would you like to be immediately opened in! the filegate first gift、Celebrity pets Royal warrant was loved by Roman emperors in history and legend.。In hard water hardness 225.6 in good taste, it is very smooth.。I chilled the home party when you want to open.


Souvenir gift (2) bag for cooler Trident mark with the Maserati

Cooler bag sized to their arm is、Testament to the Maserati is three included dust Trident mark and settled in Navy color shades。And so actively to BBQ in the summer a little feel.


Souvenir gifts (3) "Papa Buble papabubble"

Barcelona is the birthplace of Papa Buble。American tradition of using work skills as well as、Incorporating performance to entertain the guests、In the unprecedented art candy shop、Are now deployed worldwide。In the salon owners of Maserati Festival、American then showed me the performance of the work、Guests to this Maserati's Trident with candy last year as well as gave it to。Watch in the eye and fun、Fragrant with the smell and taste is a nice candy! me present the Scorpio mark test in addition to the Abarth 695 tributo Maserati and Abarth emblem keychain、Toy love to the fans were.

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Stemming from the tradition of "Lagat p L ' AGAPE ' for dinner Shizuoka district food log # 1 Okonomiyaki Okonomiyaki KOKORO
Stemming from the tradition of "Lagat p L ' AGAPE ' for dinner
Shizuoka district food log # 1 Okonomiyaki Okonomiyaki KOKORO


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