Condo for rent ' Park 四tsu池 ' to Fitness Studio to complete the staff recruitment!

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Next to 四tsu池 Park、Green space filled with towering Tower apartments "Park View Yotsuike"The、Future "Nature and health"Concept of、Green our idyllic surroundings for this place.。As part of its efforts、In the fall of this year to the apartment on the first floor "Body stem training Studio Park view"We intend to open。The Studio click here、Small (group lessons are also included) will now utilize Studio lessons or personal lessons。The US produced the Studio here、Torso, belly, back, hips, and thighsIn the targetedBody make professionalThe studios '4D body stem training PNF stretching Studio Do-tight!"Personal trainer, ownerYamada Makoto ShingoMr。Got a professional knowledge、Body modification specialists with more experience teaching experience more than 7,500 times ever。Our newly opened、While studying as a trainer with him、We recruit staff supportive Fitness Studio Park view! If you are interested in、You read the guidelines below and forward appointment booking!


Body stem training Studio Park view staff wanted!

[Staff recruitment]-one on one-small-movement leadersSmall-Studio lesson leader
■ personal trainer (individual exercise guidance)
♦ Yoga、Pilates, etc (non-dance) of various types of instructors
■ dumbbell gym leaders such as light exercise, etc.

♦ current、Who has been working as a Studio in s tractor
♦ past、Who had been active as a Studio in s tractor
■ in fitness clubs and exercise experience leader
■ those who are interested in personal trainer
※(Non-dance)Exercise class contents births (negotiable for a special classroom)
* Beginners negotiable

[Reward] * in all years of experience and teaching levels vary depending on
■ guidance such as yoga and Pilates
1Lesson ¥ 3,500-5,000 yen (reference remuneration)
* Salary increases volume and
■ light exercise and training guidance
1Lesson 2,500 yen to 4,000 yen (reference remuneration)

[Unless otherwise stated]
♦ for the new Studio、Its first lesson hours are newspapers decided to free.
♦ lesson time:1Lesson 30-60 minutes about (negotiable).
■ base one day what can be in the lesson
* However、Small group or group lessons、In some cases not fulfilled if the expected capacity
■ We accept as well as classroom content I want to start a new proposal
* Please contact us for more information.
♦ personal trainer when it comes、There is a training system
* Please contact us for more information.

[An appointment reservation contact:
Shingo Yamada trainer portable:090-9876-3700
So,,, phones * during training
Is possible that you will return、On the mobile e-mail address e-mail correspondence is preferred for。

Park View Yotsuike

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