"Park 四tsu池" in the Northern Interior coordination completing renovation after!


Tower rental apartments adjacent to the Yotsuike park "Park View Yotsuike"The model room renovation was completed this Scandinavian vintage furniture around lade coordinated by let me whats。Spacious and airy rooms carried furniture and、More lifestyle image and help will be。Scandinavian vintage furniture、Is a face full of love.、Feel the warmth of the caramelized wood grain and texture、Seen presence filled with beautiful lines。Curve your much beautiful stuff、Only pleasant things in detail、Is not exaggeration to say one art furniture。To face with flavor so use it、You can feel the quality is to become familiar with its appearance。In it、Furniture provided by this cordinart we will introduce at once.


In the role as party and event dining、That big round table。Also look for large tables are sold in Scandinavian design、Very close to the ideal is missing。In there、This timeDining tableThe、Was responsible for the designHase MoriyasuThat was like that was placed at his home、I have chosen to give a presentation about the maker's。Awardees and furniture made in the mountains of the Hamamatsu "Fire wall Furniture Manufactory"ofZhao Xi KusakabeIs it to ask、直径1m60cmOfOak woodIn order for the dining table。So who all produced by hand、Roundness and weight、Small but important details such as thick to tell、Obsessed with material with a simple, yet tasteful design.。The great than to witness the completed table and voila! That is good and hang four、In the maximum between table legs Chair two legs at a time if you make eight or so about the seat、Would be less without feeling cramped size。Put in did not have this large dining table、Still gives clear space to living space。Is necessary for the space of this room is a comfortable lifestyle.

With dining table、1944In Denmark was established inJ.L.Moller Inc.Made of "Dining ChairNo.75"Coordination。Our founders 'Niels O MollerThe thing that is designed。And Niels O Moller、In the designer kept the proud as a craftsmanship without compromise、Considerable attention is also in the selection of the material、Best non-material it had to discard all。End of the process rather than relying on the machine、To have finished by craftsmen、In skilled welding seam is hardly noticeable。Feel the warm texture of wood and hand cut out the trees and made a beautiful line、Simple and elegant is the real。Design carved wood round's furry art。Scandinavian furniture of high quality and artistic design come sit on your own I think your family would be greatly appreciated!

And is suitable for dining sets dining lighting、A great architect of DenmarkArne Jacobsen Arne JacobsenMasterpiece but remain in the design history was producedlouis poulsen ル イ ス ポ ー ル セ ンThe "AJ Royal ホ ワ イ ト"We have。Produce a gentle umbrella with big rounded、Excellent balance of bright and light leaking from the slit at the top to the bottom.


Consumer electronics is、Refrigerator and microwave、Rice cooker、Will be carrying washing machines, etc.。Established kitchen boards on the back on the right side of、Product designerFukasawaNaotoMr. serve as the design director± 0 plus minus zeroThe "Toaster oven"We have。Beside the wickedness with hands stretched straight up、Not corner rounded form。When you put the dining table and dining cabinets、Appearance will be at the Putra World Trade Centre。And surprisingly the toaster oven will be panashinishiteiru、What you want in design and features。You are welcome in the dining、If this looks any is not out of the way。Also、Next type daily, easy-to-use、Widths as narrow as possible while clearly meet, with no delay no easy to size and design、For a larger warehouse、Two pieces of bread Yamagata、Is a function of 20 cm diameter pizza baking!

Naoto Fukasawa
Product designer born in Yamanashi Prefecture。1956Year born。After graduating from the Department of product design, Tama Art University、After Seiko Epson Corp.、In the United States consulting firm "IDEO.。2003And independence in ' established Naoto Fukasawa Design。2002Fiscal daily design award more、Has won numerous awards at home and abroad。


Spacious dining room overlooking the kitchen。Surrounded by nature、Green surroundings。If you like a nice kitchen、View a very important partner and family relax、I inadvertently a lot of delicious dishes make you want to will!


From the dining room one more living space、So how to lay high-degree of freedom space。This time the、Enjoy reading、嗜nndari tea and not to mention the use as a spacious room、We provide ambience to guests at。As not to disturb the ambient lighting it on the wall of light、Lighting manufacturer to represent Italy at the cornerArtemideCompany'sFloor standAre provided。Artemide Inc. Since its inception in 1959.、Has received global recognition in a bold and innovative design development、Of the PresidentErnesto JisumondiIntroduction、Ettore Sottsass、Mario Bellini、Richard Sapper、Michele De LucchiAs to the work of many designers、As plays a part in the history of Italy design。In the homeFLOS flossThe "JILL ジルIt is a floor stand full of strong presence of linear than "♪


2 chairs in a unique, durable design made in Denmark and combined with coffee table。The right hand back chairs、Leave the body and、Would be nice to reading late in the long nights of autumn。The front of the Chair、In delicate, beautiful design。Delicious coffee, tea time with good friends and cherish that?!


On the walls of the living room Club、1950-60DatingOfVintageOfWriting bureauPrepared。A sliding drawer.、Launch and be used as a Bureau (Office desk or writing table that)。This one's desk、Chest、Bureau、Is a very useful piece can be used to decorate shelves and versatile。In the single available space、Is also nice and refreshing the face and taste deep tint。So enjoy a little computer work as well as。In the corner of the back、Floor-mountedyamagiwa YamagiwaThe "MAYUHANA"We have。Threads of fiberglass and resin、A delicate form a cocoon-like shaped "MAYUHANA"。The design is、One in Japan's world-renowned architect Toyo Ito。2007Was held in Milan in the year "Yamagiwa Lighting Design 2007", Is one of the works published。This 'MAYUHANA"The image of a flower with five petals。Silver ball lamps to emit light in the lower、On the surface, an impressive light and shadow spread、The light softens and creative expression、We create the space without ever engaging.


Louis Poulsen
AJ Royal


Fire wall Furniture Manufactory
Dining table


J. L. Moller
Dining ChairNo.75


Floor stand




1950-60It's vintage
Writing bureau


Denmark vintage


Denmark vintage
Lounge Chair


Denmark vintage
Coffee table


This time、Furniture you have to coordinate among the No. 1 favorite、In DenmarkH.P.Hansen MobelindustriOf the production60DatingVintage、Teak woodOfSideboardTo be。In good、Are kept inside very clean。The rounded line、Feel the splendor of the craftsperson can take、Has a good look。By using good materials、Good design furniture、Will continue to emit the universal appeal, is handed down.


Good environment surrounded by natural park is a model of 四tsu池、Future activities of the lade and don'tThey sneak previewAnd moreParty events、With the help of friends orWorkshopAnd it is planned to establish! If you are interested in、lade until contact awaits!

Park View Yotsuike

Hase Moriyasu Architectural planning

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