Qingdao oranges mikkabi, Shizuoka specialty produce 100% orange juice


6Greeted June bride, today Mr. M's wedding。Is your home、It says "3 months, sorta" famous Shizuoka specialty farmers、We insert the 3 day blue Island orange juice was used 3 months, Mikan Qingdao 100% straight。Most delicious December harvest oranges this year from Qingdao、1Squeeze about 5 minutes per can and has been manufacturing quite! (Terrible) juice freshly squeezed oranges in Shizuoka Prefecture 3 months, Qingdao alone made orange juice 100% straight、It is extremely luxurious stuff。Squeezed straight juice so guests can enjoy the delicious taste of the fruit、I finished close to the flavor and aroma of fresh orange flavor!


M who has been on the Faculty、This invigorating light, fresh colours Tangerine itself、Peppy's lovely bride and guests。Natural orange 100% unique sweet-and-sour taste while、Imagine fresh look illuminated for the bride and groom、May day should be commemorated for two people today celebrate safely、Thank you for spending the morning joy。M from Mr person、Congratulations on your marriage!

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