Maserati 3200 GT at the Maserati Beach pine sheet coating maintenance


The automotive city dealer old Alfa Romeo sites 'Maserati Hamamatsu"Mr. on、The other day、For your car3200GTOfCheck outTo bother! That was opened in Hamamatsu, maseratidiler opportunity to、Ago, such as highway driving for an outing to go please feel free to check where you will find to be, I am overjoyed!


After the inspection、From the plant maintenance series Maserati models "Sheet coating"The recommended, and、The leather seat renewalCan ask and get a description、2000Model yearOf3200GTOf and the sheet containing the article quite good by、At a later date、I have chosen to leave the car, ask for the construction.


On another day3200GTOne day I leave。The service factory has spacious、The new Ghibli、The 3200 GT home now adorable! Installation time is approximately 1 day and so、Advance booking and bring one morning ready for delivery on that night is likely.


To use this sheet coatings、Is the product of the two。Leather maintenance、Plant care supplies is still important to talk。Click here "CARMAKE ARTPRO kermaquartpro"The original product,"LEATHER PRO leather Pro"The、Will be effective for leather maintenance cleaner。And the next "Ceramic Pro ceramic Pro"The、Based on the molecular compounds of ceramics (ceramics)、It seems to protect leather material coating! And plant manager、Our service technicians are、Everyone handling this product assured us construction on the training received, you can leave it.


First of all the、Check the construction front seat stains! This car has been kept riding 14 years。May be it's too classy a laminar sheet caked sweat or blemish。This beautifully how I look forward to what comes back to life! This time、In the us we covered the construction of、We visited do not hesitate!


Driver seat seat Before


1.Room cleaning
Remove the floor mats、Vacuum cleaner、Dust removal in airsoft


2.Room cleaning
Indoor water cleaning


2.Room cleaning
Leather Pro(Automotive interiors-only special cleaners)And then use the、Leather cleaning


Dry for construction coatings


4.Coating construction


4.Coating construction
At the hand-painted sheet coating construction


For the coating to dry
2Time ~ 3 hours


By a trained service technicians
All but hand politely assured safe!


Understand the difference between for
Driver seat seat half the construction


Driver seat seat After
See what it would be! ( surprise! )」

Before construction、Understand the difference between after to make it easy to get、First I had carried half seat only! And then、Not so dirty that even the sheets looked amazing in black you can see! (Surprise! ) Does not have tive leather itself、Only cleaning and coating.、If you can go back when it was so nice to Nice! On top of that、Not only just comes back to life、To be protected after the coated、Excellent abrasion resistance、And stain resistant、Resistant water repellent and so become stronger as drops of water。This time、We have seasoned leather to the、This coating was giving the、In fact current Maserati Hamamatsu's、There are many people who purchased Ghibli and Quattroporte with a new car and those who do this coating before delivery! because、By pre-coating this coating on the leather sheet that remains in a beautiful state、To prevent scratches, etc.、Protection from external factors effectively means also that is very popular with。So it is compatible with all models of Maserati、Recommended if you are interested in.

Leather coating price
Maserati models common:All sheets、Inside of door、Around the handle

[Car] seat cleaning no one time and construction costs 35,000 yen (tax excluded)
If the new vehicle sales in 3 years maintenance 100,000 yen (tax excluded)
[Used cars] sheet cleaning ¥ 14,000 construction costs 35,000 yen 49,000 yen (tax excluded)
2After the first 35,000 yen (tax excluded)

Maserati Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, North Island town 772 TEL:053-589-4366
Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku Kita island town 772

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