Toyama regional cuisine in the famous "more sushi.、A bamboo feel things


In the specialties of Toyama Prefecture、Specialty delights as souvenirs "sushi."。Using a trout (Oncorhynchus masou)、Without fermenting vinegar is a kind of seasoned downward sushi。Sushi.、1912Year was sold as Ekiben "we sushi" birthplace。Will and sushi、One manufacturer of "sources" I by coinage was made (brand name)?。Source of famous on a nationwide scale, I started、Toyama City Center in about 40 companies that。This time the、Sister-in-law rie-Chan "is the sushi.、From my brother's favorite "and、"Bamboo intuition"Is it because hospital sushi will、After I finished cleaning your ancestor's grave, the work after、Went to lunch with my family our delicious!


Kneeling on the irradiation 上笹 song of (wappa) wood floor、Fillet of trout. seasoned salt and vinegar may flatten the rice。Usually the、Songs of up and down on a green bamboo、And distribution with locked in rubber, etc、One is usually wrapped in bamboo leaves in the songs of one of those and、2A there are two types of overlapping one (tiered)。Here is one step.。


Trout lined up to turn the bamboo grass appeared。


Sushi.、Out of bamboo, but not、Mainstream is cut in State wrapped with bamboo leaves。


Then I will be、When eating bamboo leaves to prevent stickiness to the hand、From the delicious taste.。Previous、Folk SHOW in Toyama prefectural feast as well line up on the table and it was、My parents told me、Even with souvenir、At home rarely eat out (laughs) what sort of eel in Hamamatsu? Happy the day rice became the bread of my favorite sushi。Rie-CHAN、Feast like it is!

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