Low in sugar with a sweet "homemade jams of golota and strawberry


Just a few days ago、Giving away favorite jams to H celebrates birthday on Sunday and I want to give、Suddenly awoken when Rukia-Chan decided to find。However,、Because it is not already found in the farmer's market or the supermarket strawberries、So I asked on Facebook、Ayako's friends always delicious Strawberry jams me and I of Fukuroi Takahashi Strawberry farm I was introduced。Ichigo already not for sale、Could you give the amount of fill in a large polystyrene case (8 kg) prices! (Thank you) to make a decent shop started massive preparation is the beginning.


Strawberry preparation instructions、First of all clean the wash and get rid of every、Keep enough moisture。


The weight of strawberries you、On the other hand, provides a 20% sugar。Pour some sugar on to become familiar with whole strawberries、Almost overnight to mesmerize Strawberry water.。


Comes with plenty of water、Boiled in a pot、Remove the lye slowly while、Continue to cook slowly。Slow stewed with、Carefully and gently take lye。Lye will remain and may not stay vivid shades of Strawberry。


Moisture decreases to less than half the amount it boiled down to、While grain of Strawberry and soften.、搾りたてのレモン汁を砂糖と同じく苺に対し20%ほど注ぎ入れますレモンの酸味がまろやかになるまで暫し煮込みます。And、煮沸消毒した瓶を乾かし温かい内に詰め余熱が取れたら蓋をし冷蔵庫へ温かい内に蓋をしてしまうと霜が苺に降りてしまい水分を含んだ苺瓶はカビの原因を引き起こすので要注意です!





「ゴロッと苺の自家製コンフィチュール 赤ワインバージョン」


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