Let's make it at home♪ hand-made bread recipe is open to the public. How to make bacon epi that can also be applied to alcohol!

To enjoy "home time" without going out、It's best to make time to do what you love!

To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection、A state of emergency has been declared.、Nowadays, home time is getting longer。
More and more people are working hard to make bread and sweets at any home.、Strong powder and light-strength powder from the supermarket、Pancake mix and butter、Whipped cream、It is said that the dry yeast etc. are in a state of thinness in the sold out one after one!

I'm not an exception, either.、I think that the number of times of making bread and making sweets which I had done when I turned to it for a long time increased very much.

Especially when it comes to making bread.、Graduated from Home Bakery、I just started studying hand-made bread.、To see the time you're working hard or the dough that ferments and swells、In addition to the、It's burnt and crispy and baked beautifully、 It becomes the best pleasure on the day when it was made softly and deliciously、I realized that it would be quite stress-relieving!

To share such joy with you、This time, I would like to introduce how to make the most popular "bacon epi" in my house.

[Materials:5 bacon epis]
・Strong powder 160g (※This time, we use "Organic Spring Yorkoi" of 100% organic farming from Hokkaido)
Light flour 40g
Water 130g
5g of sugar
Salt 3g
・Dry yeast 3g (using instant dry yeast red saf from France Saf every time)
5 bacon slices
Mayu grain mustard 25g
Mayonnaise 25g
Coarsely ground black pepper, appropriate amount

[How to make bacon epi]
(1) Scale all materials

(2) Light flour in a bowl with strong powder、Put the sugar in、Mix nicely with rubber vera

(3) Create a depression in the middle、Slowly pour water in from the top of the dry yeast

(4) Release the salt from the dry yeast and put it on the edge of the bowl.

(5) Slowly mix with rubber vera so that the whole thing is in a lump

(6) Out of bowl、I transfer it to the connecting table and it is easy to stick to the connecting stand because there is stickiness in the cloth at first for about 10 minutes.、Let's fabricate the fabric while separating it from the connecting table by using the card, the dredge, etc. in between.

(7) When the dough is growing well、Beat me a few times at the end.

(8) Stretch the dough thinly to check the gluten membrane.、If the dough is not torn, it is OK!

(9) Round the dough and put it in a bowl and wrap it.

(10) Using the fermentation function of the oven、50 minutes at fermentation 30°C (※Fermentation time varies depending on temperature and humidity changes)

(11) Make sure the dough swells twice.、Put a strong powder on your index finger and check your finger.、If there is no return of the depression, it is OK!

(12) Out of bowl、gently press on the connecting table to remove the gas

(13) Measure the total weight on the scale

(14) Because the total weight was 325g this time、5The weight of one piece to be divided is set to 65g.

(15) Round the divided fabric so that the surface can be stretched.

(16) 30 minutes bench time with a wet cloth on the rounded fabric

(17) Take out the dough one by one from the wet cloth、Spread it with a cotton swab one round the size of sliced bacon.

(18) 1 grain mustard and mayonnaise in the dough:1gently stretch the mixed sauce with rubber vera and apply it.

(19) Put sliced bacon on it、sprinkle plenty of black pepper

(20) Combine the dough to wrap the ingredients、pinch one's ends together

(21) Break on the cone and roll the dough、1they put into a book stick

(22) Spread cooking sheet on oven tray、Line up all five pieces of dough

(23) Put the kitchen scissors diagonally from the top、2The fabric cut in ~3cm increments is shaken from side to side to finish it in the form of an epi (ear of wheat).

(24) 30 minutes bench time with a wet cloth on the molded fabric

(25) Bench time with a few minutes left、Preheat the oven to 250°C

(26) When you sprinkle the makeup powder、spray water lightly with a mist

(27) 5 minutes in a preheated oven to 250、230Lower it to °C and bake for 12 minutes *Because the baking time varies depending on the oven of each home、Time is a reference guide:Our oven is:Stone kiln dome" is)

(28) Remove the oven tray with mittens to prevent burns、If you put freshly baked bread on the net with your feet and take the heat, it is complete.

Please enjoy the taste of the bacon epi of the freshly baked heat by all means.

According to the time of the baking、While finishing other dishes、Prepare the table!

This time the、"Pumpkin and Snap Endo Colorful Salad" as a side menu of beer serving sachets that go with spicy "bacon epi"、"Saba and New Ball Tomato Curry"、Let's say "roast ed sand liver rosemary aroma"!

Bacon Epi
"Epi" of bacon epi means "ear of wheat" in French.、Put scissors in a rod-shaped fabric molded long and narrow.、Cut it out and spread it from side to side.、By repeating them, a unique shape similar to the ear of wheat is born.。By baking the dough spread from side to side, the street of the fire improves.、It will be a crisp finish!
"Organic Spring Yokoi" of 100% organic farming from Hokkaido used this time、It becomes a powder with a fine touch、With gentle sweetness and rich flavor、The clam is fluffy.、Krast crispy and fragrant finish、It is very suitable for making bread and is a popular strong powder!

It is easy to eat it in one bite size if i tear bread.、When you put your cheeks on your cheeks,、You can enjoy the texture of the inside moist and moist outside.、Myyu's grainy custard and coarse lye black pepper are spicy and juicy bacon fat.、With the deliciousness that pulls back、Beer proceeds!

My dog Chocolat is also interested in the smell of freshly baked bread that seems to be delicious!
Because there are still other delicious recipes for hand-made bread、I will introduce it to see the opportunity again!

It's up to you how fun you have to spend your time at home! I hope that everyone's home will be filled with delicious and fun tables surrounded by family!

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