Let's make it at home♪ Kyoto "Akashi Shoten" is a combination of high-quality vegetables and the finest fruits.

Kyoto's central market handles high-end vegetables and top fruits、Akashi Shoten, which is wholesale to top-notch star-studded restaurantsTakahide Akashi (Takahide Akashi)Mr. more、Because a combination of wonderful high-quality vegetables and the best fruit has been given、I will give you a hard hand at home.、Let's come with a full course!

If it comes with a carefully selected assortment from all over the country by akashi's hand every season、I was excited even before I opened the cardboard!

"Akashi Shoten Luxury Vegetables & Best FruitS Set"

(1) Shizuoka / Ripe Mask Melon "Angel On Melon (AMANE Melon)"
(2)Fukuoka/"Mitsuoka Ichigo".
(3) Kagawa Prefecture / White Asparagus
(4) Yamagata / Green Asparagus
(5) Kagoshima / Potato
(6) Kyoto / Eggplant
(7) Kyoto / Spinach
(8) Ehime Prefecture / New Cabbage
(9) Miyazaki / Cucumber
(10) Tokushima / Tomato

Immediately、With seasonal carefully selected vegetables and the best fruits、It devised and made various menus so that the goodness of the ingredients of it tood out、It is the start of cooking and taking a picture.

Instrument:Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)Shimoo Design


"Tomato Champagne Cocktail"

Add a little salt and lemon to the hot-watered tomatoes.、I put it in a blender and made a stirred tomato juice.、Champagne and one:1Make tomato champagne cocktails in!
100Served with dried tomatoes baked for an hour in an oven!
*Champagne is used for champagne grand reserve brut NV Beaumont des Créisères(Champagne Grande Reserve Brut Beaumont Des Crayeres)。

"Whole Tomato Pickles"

The star mark is clear、The skin with the tension is thick and firm pulp.、No seeds.、In a good sense, the taste that the blue of the old-fashioned tomato is felt、Tomatoes with high sugar content and strong umami、Put a grain of salt on it.、Further more sweet double! It is the taste which cannot be endured by the tomato lover!
"Whole tomato pickles" soaked whole tomatoes in homemade pickled liquid for a whole day、With nastachium and dill flowers!
You can taste the strong sweetness and umami that is not defeated at the acidity of the pickle solution!
※Pickle solution (Maiyu white wine vinegar 300ml、Water 200ml、80g sugar、2 teaspoons salt、30 white peppers、1 rosemary、Laurier 2 pcs、3 red peppers) in addition to tomatoes Hamamatsu Celle、Carrot、Red yellow paprika 、Radishes soaked together。

"Lemon yogurt salad with cucumber"

Like a cucumber in a flower、A cold salad with lemon yogurt!
Put the cucumber sliced vertically into a white porcelain bowl and pour the lemon yogurt sauce in.、The hoserengrass oil which crushes and makes the hot water is dripping around、Sprinkle lemon peel on the whole with a greater and you're done!
※Lemon yogurt sauce (4 tbsp yogurt)、1 tbsp EX olive oil、1/2 teaspoon rubbed garlic、1 teaspoon mayonnaise、1 tbsp lemon、Domestic Honey Honey Boy 06 teaspoons、Salt, oil, salt, salt, salt, salt

"White asparagus and green asparagus charlotte tuna and avocado tartare"

Thick, fine white asparagus and green asparagus are lightly boiled in vegetable broth.、The charlotte shaded alternately、Stuffed tuna and avocado tartare inside、Micro Spring Chrysanthemums、Broccoli Sprout、NAS Tatum、Alyssam、I finish incorporating the flower of dill!
*Tartare (tuna and avocado are cut into 5mm squares、Mayu's White Wine Vinegar、Lemon juice、Aged balsamic vinegar、Extra Virgin Olive Oil、Domestic Honey Honey Boy 06、Salt all appropriate amounts)
3The asparagus that i set up looks like trident of my favorite car Maserati.

"New Cabbage Mini Roll Salmon and Mashed Potato potatoes"

Mini-roll cabbage with fresh fresh cabbage is the best appetizer made of cold.
So that the cross section can be reflected、Red salmon on light green of new cabbage、New Potato White、Let's use the yellow of paprika!
600One new cabbage heated for 2 minutes w、Slice the core thickness to make it easy to wrap it.、Put salted salmon in front of you.、mashed potatoes on top、Arrange the sliced yellow paprika in the middle of it.、Tightly engulfed in the wrap、I put it to sleep a little in the refrigerator and cut it!
On top of the paste of the horengrass、Sprinkle with pink pepper and Corsicamint and you're done!
*Mashed potatoes (1 new potato、2 tbsp milk、1 tsp dijon grain mustard、1 teaspoon lemon juice、Salt and pepper, moderate amount)

"Pothege of The Horengrass"
Onion sautéed in butter、Smoked Bacon、Brown mushrooms with plenty of flavorful verengrass、After boiling with vegetable sprouts and applying it to a blender, the "Pothege of Horengrass" is finished richly with whipped cream.、floating milk form、It is complete disputing if it is accompanied by a small leaf of the horengrass!
Because it is made in the paste of dark eyes for taking a picture、If you dilute and stretch to your favorite taste with milk before you get it,、You can enjoy the best taste easily!

"Kyoto Eggplant, Tomato and Paated Campagne Milfiille"

Slice kyoto eggplant vertically、Lightly salted and sautéed with olive oil and baked、100Make dry eggplant and dried tomatoes in an oven for 1 hour、Eggplant → Patedo Campagne → Dried Tomato → Pork Riet → Eggplant and stacked alternately while shifting the angle little by little、Finally, it is finished with a dry eggplant!
*Patedo Campagne (pork)、Back fat、Chicken Liver、Bacon、Parsley、Garlic、Cornstarch、Madilla Sake、salt and pepper)
Pork Riet、Onion、Garlic、White wine、Consomme、Rosemary、Laurier、Special Spices、salt and pepper)
While enjoying the moist texture and crispy texture、The perfect dish for wine!

"Open Sand of Mitakea Strawberry"

"Open Sand of Minoka Strawberries", a large strawberry that stands out for its peach-like honey aroma, elegant sweetness and freshness
Cut eight "high-density bread" rich in sweetness to the moist texture of freshly baked bread "Ichihondo"、whipped cream after applying condensed milk so as not to give extra moisture to bread、Arrange sliced "Minoka strawberries"、鮮やかなパープルカラーが苺の赤に映えるラベンダーセイジと小さくても香り爽やかなコルシカミントを添えたら







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