Beef up good! Every year the annual self's Lu mountain-style Sukiyaki House new year's even food

"Sukiyaki" and fixed my house every year the annual new year's Party、Enjoy 'beef compared"in Lu mountain-style Sukiyaki, and invite your friends this year kindred!

Mr. King House、Painter、Pottery House、Calligrapher、Japanese lacquer artist、With a variety of food, such as facial "Kitaoji Rosanjin (Oh anime's been dust)" is famous for foodies、Imitated little shops filled with insistence and Rosanjin in eating your child our house style!

In fact love the onion、A little less 割ri下 Nishi、Rosanjin close to burn than boiling onion Sukiyaki protagonist said to prefer!
But、Leek diagonally cut, not cut into a cylindrical、Built as a cylinder、割ri下 small amounts of smoke、Because they had to eat to feel the sweetness of the onion!

It is taught this way of eating for the first time、By seven years ago from now.、To make the onion first was really shocked、And feel the urge I can't taste without imitating、Now,、Lu mountain-style Sukiyaki completely became a staple in my house!

How to eat Sukiyaki Rosanjin's apprentice、Lu mountain-style shops, eat delicious onion early next year.、Held in quick succession、At the dinner table around with like minded friends、Celebrate the time of bliss!

The "beef"、A4-A5 to prepare four by County、Hida beef referred to meat art、"Kagoshima beef.、"Beef saga"、In the "Shizuoka Prefecture of Shizuoka steudel.、Prime marbled meat just melts in your mouth and shoulder roast carefully selected fine oil and sweet、While enjoying the soft texture、Or at least stand out between the elegant marbled triangle、Nagoya Cochin chicken bouncy fun、While merge flavorful "Iberico"、Taste various order compared to go!

First of all,、In order to make 染mi渡ra beef flavor ingredient in the pot itself、I baked magistrate's role to play、Show respect for the beef、And wishes the tallow to warm up、Under meat to swim 割ri下 thinly covered in、11 pieces let us plant care!

The ultra thin swords of the time!

Next in line、Up green onion curl right in the middle of the Pan、Once the lid is、From Leek when it comes storm 割ri下 puku-puku and celebrates its ready to eat!

The ideal Leek Lu mountain-style Sukiyaki、Thicker than normal onions, sweet shimonita.、Unfortunately、First sale of supermarket no sales "shimonita.、Has become a regular white onions、A hot leek、Heart melting texture and very sweet felt、Because the only downside are immersed in 割ri下、Think was good but not spicy! Baked beef and fried with green onions、It is recommended and roll them up!

→ → vegetable eating alternating vegetables and meat-advanced、Also、That compared to eat beef breeds、Enjoy the features of each breed、You can eat to tired to the end!

Cheers、Suntory's "the premium malt" pour serves God bubble、Such as our food and beverage outlets、And enjoy the delicate, creamy lather!

Until you're ready for Sukiyaki、Ceramic artists in Toyama ' 釋 Yong Yue (Gaku Shakunaga) Gen platter Φ 42 "to incorporate、In the platter would be overwhelming force、Big fatty and lean、Yellowtail、Greater amberjack、Salmon、Scallop、Squid、How much、Enjoy the "sashimi platter", such as shrimp!

Sake sashimi to fit、And Niigata "Asahi Brewery Co., Ltd. limited sake" Kubota "junmai daiginjo"!
Sweet and fruity and elegant aroma.、Enjoy a balanced flavor with beef!

After dinner、In a moving celebration、Zucchini that Shinji Tsuchiya (Shinji Tsuchiya)Taiwan received from Mr. malt "avalan Whisky SOLIST SINGLE MALT BOURBON CAs" to examine! A fascinating and vivid golden colour、Tropical fruits、Coconut、Vanilla、Wood spice、Enjoy the scent of vanilla and oak、It extends balanced flavor and smooth taste!

Dessert、In my home for a delicious time limited Shizuoka strawberries 'akihime' suites、Freshly-made soft "Strawberry Daifuku"。

Fukuroi "blister and Japanese restaurant" that offer rich and flavor balance good beans and blend almost gone stiff time!

To achieve and the stomach、Shanghai return Naito Yumiko (Yumiko Naito)Teacher who in his new year's ultra-rare Zhejiang, cheap good luck Song emperor his okitama curiosities tea rare rare white tea, and Satoru mountain and enjoy!
Enjoy elegant fragrance and a sweet beautiful tea leaves in tea.

2019You can start the fun, new year's Party colleagues and mouth Fu、This year's crowded home people、Fun things、I hope to be surrounded by good food in a year! At home people to people links.

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