Shizuoka poles did Sukiyaki party enjoy every part of breeding with the Shizuoka sake!

Parties at home are held on a regular basis.、Sukiyaki party this time was the request!

Beef at Watanabe butcher shop in the nearby "Shizuoka wisdom" of "beef short ribs、Round two、Rib roast "and enjoy the taste of every part of a selection!


Vegetables are crap "Farmers market three-way branch"And around the nearby supermarkets、"Chinese cabbage、White onion、Garland chrysanthemum、Shiitake、Maitake mushroom、Enoki mushroom、Shimeji mushrooms、Carrot、Fried tofu、Vegetable tofu "available!

In Sukiyaki 割ri下、Put a slice of onion and baked in a stone kiln roaster、Sweet and pulls out the flavor、Preparations are complete!

Sukiyaki and sake!

This time "Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"In Miyagi Prefecture handling"Tanaka Distillery Co., Ltd."The party start, make a toast with sparkling"Manazuru"butterfly Princess! A very weak sake that come tasting you want to Butterfly Princess、Easy to drink in micro foam with light、A classy sweet in taste, rich!

And after、"Boo liquor co., Ltd."Sake 國香 sake brewery, purchased in Fukuroi-shi ' 國香 special NET China draw unfiltered raw unprocessed sake" is、Melon aroma of yeast is rising、Mellow sweet flavor with a lingering delight!

"Shizuoka wisdom '" beef short ribs、Round two、Rib roast "for after a long day in the order、To keep vegetables、Finish of the special cow、Matsusaka beef of the best shoulder roast! The softness of melts in your mouth!

The Sukiyaki and NABE、But everyone I would like to enclose the most delicious ♪ plans of making noodles from scratch next time!

[Sukiyaki menu]
♦ contained
♦ radish and pea shoots and Coriander Salad
♦ the celery and bell pepper with sweet and sour sauce
♦ a acne by scabbard fish
♦ bonito sashimi
♦ Sukiyaki
♦ "rice still is" Strawberry Daifuku
♦ "Limoncesio" "for OORT CLOUD coffee (old cloud coffee) and Embu district AA

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