In the evening of new year's day”SUKIYAKI”! Compared with 2 kinds of brand-name beef cattle

Every year、Relax and spend new year's day is becoming a classic home!

Do not provide only morning eating amount、It is "Sukiyaki (SUKIYAKI)" was looking forward to the evening!

Think of it、From saiko Sakamoto song turns on the walk's English title "SUKIYAKI" and learned recently that (laughs)
Due to record company President Louis-Benjamin walk, look up English translation will be long、Was worried about titles decided so far、Japan to know from that was "SAYONARA" and "SUKIYAKI"、Choose a favorite Japan cuisine "SUKIYAKI", named in the title!

Sukiyaki (UIYYI) home、Boasting local Shizuoka, brand-name beef cattle "Shizuoka wisdom" and will be compared with eating beef, Ibaraki, Hitachi beef!

In granular and moist and fleshy mouth melt better、The taste of sweetness "Shizuoka wisdom" and、Hitachi beef soft marbled Japanese tastes lean into nice fat!

Think favorite is divided、First bite is still、Smooth on the tongue in mouth melt good "Shizuoka wisdom" the rose is!

Marbled meat is either say、Not very good at is not us、3-If you eat four well enough satisfied with、Actually,、Smoked flavor of the gravy with leek and chrysanthemum、Sometimes the cabbage's real treat!

"Sashimi platter.、"Tuna tuna、Red meat、Sea bream in turbot、Hamachi、Amberjack "in with"shrimp"favorite!

The "scallion mixture.、Home-made yuzu vinegar and miso、Entrees will be the raw sugar!

"Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"High-quality potato of the year for the purposes to"Emperor"ten years and aged limited by、And the elegant and mellow taste、In your light I!

Watch GACKT who are looking forward to every showbiz personality with checking、Blissful new year's Day dinner and now!

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