"Happy new year" new year's day! At the holiday meal at home, bring good luck's sake!

And "osechi"、Food eaten on new year's Day celebration!

Osechi is stands for "NABE specimen (osechiku).、Praying first harvest of the year in the dish and Samurai gift set、 Mixed, people celebrate the new year dishes are made。In addition、Including the meaning of new releases from the domestic housewife、Said was focusing on preservation of ingredients。"Osechi" and the original、Is refers to the Festival on the calendar、To eat when food called "osechi"、 Is used as a Word to describe the new year hit 1 second of the Festival in the current food。Osechi-ryori's shouldered lucky in the sense that "over happiness"、Food is served,。 And、In the traditional food、Convey auspicious meanings and wishes。Contents of the district and every home in Bento are various、 In the recent、Restaurant, restaurant、Osechi-ryori specialty stores is very popular in、 More food and beverage outlets chased in a production of "osechi ryori" is the end of the year!

In our House、Eat hot food is cooked out of law for、 Because they do not store food less、Looking for a perfect "osechi"、Informal osechi is there "Entetsu department store"The visit to a department store to buy becomes an annual、Making herbs、And easy to buy things and buy、Potter favorite ToyamaWing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)Complete, "Schale (28 cm)"!

"Zoni" every year、,, And rice cake is baked、Daikon radish、Taro、Carrot、Shiitake mushroom、Using the trefoil、Garnish type simply finishing in the Kansai-style、As well asGaku SyakunagaTo a thin pot!

"Grilled mackerel sushi" is、Fukui Prefecture ranked first in sales at Haneda Airport "empty valve."Young, co., Ltd."The Golden" grilled mackerel sushi "釋 Yong Yue's new"MARS"!

Sake、1636Long-established brewery founded in Shizuoka "The first turtle Brewing Co., Ltd."The first turtle gourd, daiginjo junmai sake toasts with 釋 Yong Yue"too much drinking cup"!
The first turtle "gourd," and named from a gourd-Tei tea house in Okabe town, Shizuoka Prefecture fujieda city with a storehouse、Glamorous, sophisticated aroma is of course、Its full-bodied flavor is unique the first turtle!

"On a break",、The AOI Higashi "Confectionery Tsukasa AOI"ofToyota Mitsuhiko (Mitsuhiko Toyoda)Mr. red plum new year made them carefully.、"Pine snow"、Toyama also loves unit writerShimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo).Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)His and his wife'sShimoo DesignWith "floating like series plate.、We prepared a light brown.

2018For years that luck has been firmly、 Put health first、Thank you for enjoying a delicious meal and I think!

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