"Stollen" caring gifts came from the JI painting Santa this year!

Back to Hamamatsu from Toyama、Nice parcel arrived home.、My favorite Italian restaurant in Nagoya "La Vena del LegnoLa vena del renno) "Of the ownerUchida Yuki (Uchida Yuki)Has been a pastry chef's wifeChie Uchida (Chie Uchida)Chan was a nice present!

The contents of the box pretty wrapped Christmas design、T. picture Santa Claus is painstakingly, made "Stollen" and 'ganache'、"オレンジピールチョコ",、It is a gift of homemade sweets with plenty of affection!

In the attached message、"Merry Christmas enjoy than (JI painting Santa)" and a lovely handwritten messages are short!

With Stollen、Until the day of our Christmas in Germany and Netherlands、That cut little by little in the family spent about 4 weeks or so, going to eat baked goods。At this time、Is there one of the baked goods often come across any shop、I am from four years ago, have been becoming Stollen Chie-CHAN's love!

To like something almost reminiscent of White Christmas snow、Are clad with plenty of powdered sugar Stollen、Enjoy a taste of dried fruit soaked in rum、This year in small highly nutritious fruit of the poppy or blended with the!

This season and something sweet!

Cup of coffee with us to、Go to Fukuroi love home roasting coffee beans at 'blister and Japanese restaurant、In the bitter taste to sweets! "Christmas blend" 200 g 1000 yen and say there!

In the winter months、"Blister and Japanese restaurant"Very popular chocolate of Switzerland a great gift" Linz (Lindt) "And、Especially the Dom Perignon of brandy chocolate brandy build in already "Mar de Champagne" a precious gift box 1000 yen is recommended as an adult chocolate gift!

Whats to immerse themselves in the happy mood JI painting Santa every year to power strain and delicious coffee!

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