Enjoy the summer! Growth of Umberto's view、Yururi Chillin' BBQ terrace

Every year、During the rainy season and dropped once houseplant Umberto home leaves to play、This time the、2for the tip had stretched to over m number of branches are cut off、Looking forward the revival on the terrace!

Bud is starting.、Routines to observe daily started to grow healthily and Umberto became fun、That day had been watching the terrace。The morning of the next day weather、"Enjoy a BBQ on the terrace! "That it be、Immediately ready to tackle!

Meat、Beef Loin or thick-sliced beef tongue and pork、Spain's Iberico hogs and pigs chestnut、Chorizo、Cartilage, gizzard Spareribs marinated in olive oil and herbs、Such as grilled squid! Vegetables、Now in season "thanks enshū-Mori fragility if sweet daughter" to three native potato、Green peppers、Carrot、Red and yellow peppers、Bean sprouts、Pleurotus eryngii、And myoga is indispensable! Sweet daughter and myoga's must-haves!

In a 400-degree rise in the far-infrared stone ware roaster、Japanese ginger baked golden brown and wrapped around pork loin、Grilled beef dish we dipped to the、Jusici, a combined with bittersweet of myoga rarity and、Become a staple in our House BBQ!

Alcohol is、And raised in nearby is Mr. Yasuyuki 大塲 entertainer and Bong-Chan and his wife engaged in "drink Boo.、According to the Spain pork、Taste reminiscent of wild strawberry HONORO VERA ROSE waito, enjoy the texture creamy, delicate "Cava Reserva Familia Brut Rose/Mas de Monistrol and elegant acidity are fresh tasting and selection! Neither did the hibiku rose color!

Pleasant breeze is cool、Eating out in real luxury! In front of growing Umberto's in the Sun、In the grow up free、Can enjoy the "MASERATI Quattroporte" car in Leer、Taste non-everyday and in my home、BBQ and comfortable!

Alcohol from broad daylight early sickness、Also can be right next to the couch in the living room、Good BBQ House where ♪ now、I wonder if this summer you can BBQ on the terrace of our House many times!

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