I went back to Japan! Wake up each morning with a beauty and health theme forever young

[Go back to Japan! Wake up each morning with a beauty and health theme forever young]
Long stay in the United States、It may be time to relieved at breakfast time at home in Japan, returned home!
If the original is Miss rice、In the United States and long accustomed to eating bread、All breakfast will wake up to start with the bread!
French toast French bread into egg mixture soaked overnight、And the heavily weighted、Melt butter in heated skillet put、It has burnt is completed.。Macerate overnight in、While and especially feeling is Marinades!
I'll have plenty of over the favorite bokushi native domestic honey Honey boy there.
"Honey boy"、6Moon、7Moon、8There are three types, and honey, for。
'06 (June Honey)"characteristic is in the Japan domestic honey like flavor.、And feel the refreshing taste!
The characteristics of '07 (July Honey).、-Firm and sweet, rich、Guests can enjoy a plump fragrance!
The characteristics of '08 (August Honey).、Nectarine fruity fragrance and a distinctive taste and individuality!
Makinohara beekeeper Kawamura, who has painstakingly built, domestically produced honey "Honey boy"、Better than ever to eat any honey.、Unleash the aromas of the Royal '08"my favorites next to、It is recommended you put tea in the most!
This tea is、The American souvenir "Steven Smith Temer" "Dandelion Chi(No.555)" will be。
Western Dandelion is used in abundance、"Honey boy" "08" Chai finishing enveloped in the aroma of various herbs and cinnamon tea leaves!
Richly flavored with honey aroma, rich glossy pretending to be French toast! Them、Author of love "Shimoo Design/Shimoo, Kazuhiko、Shimoo Saori "the wooden instrument、Thanks for finishing a series of floating like a soft table.
Axis pin up、Firm tomatoes、Recently sweet lovely Sakura Kaneko farm favorite breed ~ not desert Mini tomatoes! In addition、A leaf vegetable salad、Almonds or walnuts、Hazelnut and Honey boy is dipped with plenty of nutritious mixed nuts '06 Honey Nuts"! You can eat plenty of good fat、Useful for skin beautiful and healthy!
While guests can enjoy sweet enough calories than sugar can be reduced、The obtained cosmetic effect of healthy domestic honey Honey boy、Food and drink can be used、Staple for me!
So many opportunities to eat my house is、Morning daytime evening meals as much as possible balance better receive the care you want to and I'm。Also for that、To supplement the nutrients tend to lack、Senna new products brought from the United States 'NUKU HIVA noni juice"and take every morning 30 ml、Identifies the nutritional balance efficiency!
Noni juice is about becoming the "punishment" from "bad right? "And we are supposed to。Please be assured! This nuchibanony juice、Amazing and delicious finished、Everyone who tasted our popular!
By actively consume high-quality health supplements、Forever youthful, healthy, and chose the couple happily happy!
Domestic honey Honey boy and Senna "NUKU HIVA noni juice.、Available in our salon。Tasting、Tastings are available、If you are interested please contact us!
After returning to Japan nail design、Pale pink color to white、Purple、Will arrange version of random Peacock weave in 3 colours pink! "Nail house liberte"The stone Hara 貴chi cat I、Thank you always!

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