Daily relief to Kobe tea scent, and strive to create what suites


"GLION GROUP"Running"Tea Kobe Kitano"The pieces are、"Darjeeling、Ceylon、Apple、Blueberry "and became a rich variety of assortment、Click here for daily to suit your mood while、Today down to the handmade suites these days!

Meet the crispy texture of the scent of the noble Earl Grey tea cookies、Coming up the sweetness as adult suites、Meet in a coffee shop/Café phone enjoy the flavor of your coffee、Seasonal Strawberry done on domestically produced honey and wine, making jams and meet with "Strawberry Panna cotta.、Made easily while enjoying a delicious creation of suites、Spend with customers who come to my house and the tea!

As the notebook easy recipes to introduce!

"Earl Gray tea crispy cookies'
Materials:Earl Grey tea bags black tea (home use TWG French Earl Grey) Pack 2、Flour 200 g、Butter 100 g、Acne sugar 70 g、Domestic honey tablespoon、1 egg yolk。

Back to room temperature butter and eggs (1)、Use egg yolks only。
Hard flour (2)、Mortar and swab with Earl Grey tea bags green tea leaves and blend。
(3) when the softness of butter, it can be pressed by hand、Mix and raw sugar、Mix it up with a hand blender white。
(4) over-exposed butter and egg yolks together mix。
(5) put your flour and tea leaf add plus、Put in a large Ziploc、The thickness of the cookie dough (5 mm-7 mm) in the stretch with a cotton swab、1Sleep an hour or so in the freezer。
(6) the Ziploc bags and cut with scissors、Just get your favorite cookie cutter cut。
(7) preheat the oven 170 degrees。
(8) at 170 degrees for 10 minutes or 15 minutes、Keep an eye on the Earl Grey flavor cookie perfection!

"Coffee shop/Café, the more delicious and can be improved is (laughs)

"Strawberry Panna cotta'
Materials:Strawberry confiture (home of Strawberry 15-using 20% of raw sugar and moderate amounts of red wine and domestic honey with homemade、Commercially available stuff but OK)、
200 ml double cream、250 ml milk、Acne sugar 20 g、Domestic honey tablespoon、Powdered gelatin 5 g、1 tablespoon water。

(1) in a small saucepan cream and milk、Raw sugar、Domestic honey and warm over low heat。(Do not boil)
(2) warm (1) drawn from the fire、Add the melted gelatin with water。
Pour into small glass containers of 8分目 (3)、In the refrigerator at least one hour chill。
(4) put the strawberry jams just before serving, decorate the Mint、Made of a smooth Panna Cotta with sweet!

On domestically produced honey nurtures makinohara Earth was born and raised in my domestic honeyMitsuru Kawamura (Mitsuru Kawamura)Let's build up "Honey boy" is recommended!

Homemade sweets is benefits that can reduce the fat of butter and sugar to your liking。
With a simple sweet scraps。A little is in that family and guests happy!







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