Hold the Toyama winter Buri in precious sake enjoy party!


[Party Toyama winter Buri in sake (2) ~ party ~]

"Culinary arts Valve one"The US assumes the owner chef Suzuki Junichi Toyama exceeding 10 kg of winter Buri and carried home.、Will be ready for the party!

To meet the drinking companions、Architects of the hase 守保 his and Rie Takahashi's couple.、Hamanako Royal Hotel in French "Bombosur"The chef Toyama jiaming and and his wife Yoshiko, Toyama、Miyano makito and Suzuki k., your husband is married and recently, will be transferred to Yokohama.、And、Mr. Takahashi Manami Hamazo blogger as a "tasty love," everyone is!

In the home of ToyamaWing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)The ' black glazed dish&One dish "to align the raw fish artfully winter Buri、宮城県の7つの酒蔵がCollaborationし誕生させた日本酒のスパークリングで伊勢志摩サミットのレセプションパーティでも振る舞われた「新澤酒造」がリーダーとして手掛けた希少な2015年物の「DATE SEVEN(ダテセブン)」で乾杯♪

From a mellow taste spread from foaming a delicate fruity aroma and sake beauty sake uncharacteristic easy drinking sparkling!

To become focuses of Japanese sake、I market town called spring water in baptism in Toyama "hurrying down spring water in baptism in the Valley", which are manufactured by "hurrying down Valley soy sauce (usukuchi)" in "cabbage、Cucumber、Pickled carrots "or"Citron pickled daikon radish and 赤蕪.、"Boiled Lotus root and hijiki seaweed.、"Shrimp potato boiled fried 餡掛ke sauce.、Prepared side dishes such as "radish with yuzu miso"! Is a moment that was delicious!

"Hamana Lake Royal Hamanako Royal Hotel"The mellow flavor thanks to the Toyama's Chef who can assist with sweetness"Yellowtail in soy sauce"is completed!

The sake of the next、In the Shizuoka Prefecture sake brewery "Flower dance Shuzo Co., Ltd."The dry autumn limited edition offers a rich and mellow" critical grated "in enjoyed the long nights of winter.

Now! Finally it is better you dish out!

[Toyama winter Buri in a sake party (3) ~ party Yellowtail Shabu-Shabu] chapter ~]

Croquette of shinminato winter Buri Beach in nervous finish me next day you sent directly to Hamamatsu、Established Japan Restaurant ' culinary arts Valve one"The Suzuki Junichi's fine exceeding 10 kg of our great bulk、Sashimi、Fillets、Fence、Camaro、Thanks ALA divides us open a gastronomic society in our House!

We love of pottery homeWing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)Then paste fuelled-power、Signed in his new glass cup、Everyone is like you have enjoyed!

Wearing the belly on a roll of fat winter Buri "Yellowtail Shabu Shabu" Nishi-sugamo arts、Hokkaido from Hidaka konbu and take a "best of Chiyo"、Along with the green onions and yabushabushi、To run in "Asahi Ponzu" rip-off! This load in mouth

Sake together "Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"Running"GLION GROUP""Glion×franc MULLER"Collaboration with Switzerland's luxury watches Franck Muller was acted out in the reception of company-operated restaurants for sale in limited edition sake! We ordered the new MASERATI has been with!

What's sake, not for sale、Miyagi Prefecture "Shuzo Tanaka」が造られる「大吟醸 真鶴」。Guests can enjoy a refreshing fruit fragrance、Is drinkability smooth and light.、It goes very well with Japanese!

And、The sake would be light ball、Now not only in Japan but in the world renowned animator sake、Aichi Prefecture "Banjo brewery"The can line up 15th, 9 flat Osamu Kuno" sparked the person Weekdays 9: his shore 2015 "is!

"Sparked the next person 9 flat" is、Got a sour taste sake does not seem、Fine white wines to create a rich aroma and taste、In a refreshing taste and felt a mild and sweet with depth、Is a Japanese sake and adapted France food, including but not limited to the Japan food caught the attention in the world!

That has provided very valuable here difficult to obtain "culinary valve ASU no Yoichi Suzuki。And "very weak sake we invite you"!

Restaurant offers the "handful of Wagyu beef" and "large root balls.、Where it meets the stomach、To finish "Hamana Lake Royal Hamanako Royal Hotel"The Pâtissier who made delicious"fruit cake"for satisfied! With plenty of colorful fruit、Cream's unbridled taste of sweetness、Well now instead and moist sponge is a good balance between the best dessert! Toyama chef、The Pâtissier thank you! Early Christmas decoration is very cute!

The favorite tea of Singapore 'TWG' domestic honey Honey Boy Kawamura Mitsuru's senior local beekeepers is being built into the accent、Enjoying tea fragrant sweet and gorgeous in the glass of wine, we have a party of ♪ we、Thank you for visiting。Let's meet again!





























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