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"ERI CURRY" very authentic Indian curries and spicy with a home party



Home of Indian Professional "ERI CURRY"The suganuma Erika-CHAN to thank、
Karepa was held by friends members!

"With fish curry" theme、3"ERI CURRY," come finish the job kind of curry smell!

The appetizer、"Snapper sashimi、Tamarindochatoni and thinned with orange sauce "in、
Thinning with a light acidity like lemon with fresh oranges、Tamarind chatani freshness goes very snapper!

A plate of curry artists in Toyama 'Shimoo Design"The fit like floating, round tray、Curry is the first Collaboration!

▪︎Thin fluke tomatolemommasala
▪︎Bengal fish curry fillet of sole with three raw potatoes
▪︎Sambar (Curry with mixed vegetables of peas with tamarind)
▪︎Black melon and melon with coconut served with cucumber
▪︎Spicy butternut squash soup

I can't believe my fish soup Curry 2.、Healthy Curry bean and vegetable species.、
Whats a spicy soup with butternut squash flavor.
I push the、Bengal fish curry sole.

In addition、Even idly (beans and rice fermented foods), such as India and Erika-CHAN's first challenge will be steamed bread
Ceramic artists in Toyama 'Gaku Syakunaga"The CHOY in"áge (Aju).、The black sake glazed Cup Yue-Kun new
"Kokonutschatoni" I tried repeatedly together! Good combination!

Idly prototype that's still、It's quite difficult to make in Japan。
Erika-Chan also positively and aggressively challenge what is a lovely lady in my shop!

Dessert、Mango mousse with Matsui Ayako's friends made a
"Syouryu" the "Tin is found" fit、Enjoyed the smooth, rich suites!

In addition、The "pickle of India" now started retailing in "CURRY, ERI"、
As the unprecedented Curry side dish at home most popular stuff!
Shizuoka citrus and mango、Not only pickle, Miyako-jima Island pepper spice with salt and oil make adds to the Curry.、
Is filled with the deep flavor of sake as well outstanding dish!

Since the Erika-Chan was considered "India pickle' net sales、
The dreamlade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineThat I fully support.













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