New Year classic cuisine"OSECHI cuisine"It is the hope to each of the ingredients good luck


"Osechi cuisine"、Food eaten on new year's Day celebration。
"Osechi' And the 'NABE specimens (osechiku)"The stands、Praying first harvest of the year in the dish and Samurai gift set、
Mixed, people celebrate the new year dishes are made。
In addition、Including the meaning of new releases from the domestic housewife、Said was focusing on preservation of ingredients。
"Osechi"And the original、Is refers to the Festival on the calendar、Food to eat "Osechi cuisine"And called for、
Is used as a Word to describe the new year hit 1 second of the Festival in the current food。
Osechi-ryori's shouldered lucky in the sense that "over happiness"、Food is served,。
And、In the traditional food、Convey auspicious meanings and wishes。
Contents of the district and every home in Bento are various、
In the recent、Restaurant, restaurant、Osechi-ryori specialty stores is very popular in、
The end of the year "Osechi cuisine"Of the many eateries with production。

In our House、Eat hot food is cooked out of law for、
Because they do not store food less、A perfect "Osechi cuisine"Of the world almost untouched and、
Still、Only in original thought "Entetsu department store"The Department store today to buy (laughs)
Making herbs、And easy to buy things and buy、Gaku Syakunaga"Black glazed reversible dish (28 cm)"The complete and unadulterated。

So my house2016 yearThe "Osechi cuisine"The、
"Grilled shrimp"Growing a long beard = shrimp、And live to be bent with、Symbol of longevity。
"Measures"Measures was named = fish sowed in the field as fertilizer is、Pray for a good harvest。
"Black Bean"="Work diligently"with puns、Pray for the work diligently and energetically。
"Kouhaku namasu"It = congratulations mizuhiki、What a simpleton you。
"How much soy sauce"Pray = children blessed。
"Sweet chestnut"Figuratively = Golden treasures、With the wish for a prosperous year in food、Said winning chestnuts mask。
"Nishime with"Pray for the children was aroid =、And so through to the Lotus root with the meaning、Copper Big Bud pray for success in life。
"With seaweed"= Tangle over the word" rejoice "、Family development is used to mirror decoration for the new year mask。
"Red and white kamaboko"Symbolizing the"Sunrise"-boiled fish paste、In the dish on new year's day、Red is happiness and pleasure、White represents Holiness。
"Hachiman rolls"Auspicious ingredients is burdock root = thin long in the ground firmly take root。
"Koya tofu"Is the tofu from the shape called shield tofu, 魔除ke。
"Date self-winding' , 'Nishiki-egg"Is not good enough、"Soup egg rolls"We like our House, along with.


"Winter Buri fish' xGaku Syakunaga"Black glaze with dish (28 cm)"
"Masuda sake brewery"The 'Masuo fountain Platinum, s." junmai daiginjo"xGaku Syakunaga"Drinking too much sake, thin glass.

Fresh winter Buri from Hokkaido to purchase rail、The sashimi、
One made with radish、With a shiso leafGaku Syakunaga"Black glaze with dish.To put the。
As the Suns got fat winter Buri、Wasabi you put one on and、Will。

"Masuda sake brewery"The 'Masuo fountain Platinum, s." junmai daiginjo"TheGaku Syakunaga"Drinking too much sake, thin glass.By will。
Bright and fruity aroma is thick and
Beautifully balanced, mellow taste with ripe flavor reminiscent of fruit、Highly polished finish。
"Masuizumi"In fitting into" junmai daiginjo "located in the top、
Sexually attractive is gorgeous and one!


See,, and mochi rice cake soup"xGaku SyakunagaRing light Bowl

In Japan、On new year's day God(Furumura)To the decorate your cake as an offering。
And、By eating a rice cake to share with my family、
God bless and benefit of、Is considered the year's good harvest and prosperity。

Went to the end of the year "Mochi Association"In so we divide the,, and rice cakes、
From then on the Green-eyed Monster、Complemented by rice cake soup sumashi汁。
Considering the seasonal ingredients、Shrimp potato、Carrot、Shiitake mushroom、Trefoil、It uses snow peas。
So,, and rice cake is soft、Avoid stew type of rice cake soup、
Osumashi type to the right place!


Duck with homemade smoked ham *Gaku SyakunagaBlack glazed dish reversible

And then buy a chunk of domestic duck Sirloin 350 g、Put the knife on the skin surface、Marinated with salt and herbs, then lay、
Along with the olive oil and vacuum packed in a zip-lock、The 65 ° C 30 minutes low heat cooking rice cooker。
After that、Let rest in refrigerator overnight in Ziploc bags、
Before eating does not fit into a fire in the microwave to warm light、Only the skin surface and bake、
Is moist and tender, juicier ham。
Yufuin "Kamenoi Bessou" Of "Kagiya" Of "Yuzu"Along with will.


"Toyokawa Tsuboya inarizushi' xGaku Syakunaga"Black glaze with dish (28 cm)"

Boasting a history of more than 100 years, making the Ekiben with Toyohashi station "Toyokawa Tsuboya"The purchase inarizushi。
"Inarizushi"Taste of tradition has been loved at the top、Very rich and sweet is well-seasoned and fried and firm characteristics、
Each placemark、Is like a Fox retro Toyokawa Inari Shrine。

2016 yearWell good luck that has been solid for、
Put health first、Thank you for enjoying a delicious meal and I think!

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