Winter season "Blowfish" NABE party at my house with the Milt of luxury!


"From the autumn to the spring equinox"And be told"Blowfish"For the season.、The most deliciousWinterHas been and。
On this day、My home at night feeling cold "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"The owner
Tetsuya Ono.Yukiko YukikoAnd I'm with Mr. and Mrs. "Fugu NABE"We had a party!

"Blowfish"The、As there are theories "FUKU"And by calling"Fuzhou"The connection is good because、
The cloudy not in such Yamaguchi Prefecture and Kyushu "Wipe the cooking"And we call。
Also、Kansai "Die when hit"Rather than"Uninvited (gun)"、Or did this short "Tetsu"And the call、
"Uninvited cuisine"、"Tetsu cuisine"And sometimes called、Sashimi "Gun sting"Short"Tessa"In。
"Fugu NABE"The、Points to the fish fillet casserole "Click"Be careful"Fugu (Blowfish) dust"And、And, Kansai "Textile"Also known as。
My parents ' home、Owns a Japanese restaurant、
"Fugu (Blowfish) handling qualifications"From an early age my father had me eat、Told me about a lot of things。
The father was 握renaku knife by now.、A joint after my father's brother、Good luck。

This time、4The Blowfish who ordered "Natural Tiger Puffer"In the、Already "Notch wear"、"Scalping"、"Shine"There has been、
Fillet、Body、ARA、Skin、To divide soft roe、
To the soup pot、If easy the knob should have ready are ready to go!


Champagne Ruinart Blanc de Blanc ruinart Blanc de Blanc France

1729In the year "Nicolas ruinart"The is a created world's oldest champagne Maison。
Over the centuries which have been honed、Produced by the traditional method of its own 100 percent Chardonnay champagne。
A selection of the finest grapes、A skilful blend、Due to long-term matured mild、
To finish house speciality or individuality is。
The shape of the bottle、And feel of elegance and style、
Along with the bubbling like the delicate and long Pearl、Rich aroma expands。
In addition to the smell of exotic fruits in citrus、
And jasmine and white peach aromas.、Guests can enjoy the rich aroma of the Chardonnay.


Homemade salt-roasted Ginko and miso egg
"Hakata I"Dried ROE


Home-made yuzu turnip
Gaku SyakunagaBlack glazed thin bowls


Greens and garlic sauce stir-fry crepe
Gaku SyakunagaRing light Bowl


Shabushabu natural ocellate Puffer takifugu rubripes × 釋 Yong Yue "black glaze with dish.

Fugu sashimi、"Tessa"That is trying to hard and、
See-through thin with my knife to cut it is difficult、The thinness of the Shabu Shabu is the limit (lol)
Gaku Syakunaga"Black glaze with dish.In the rooms to resemble roses、Dipped in the soup stock from、Roll with scallions、
Fall foliage was in Ponzu sauce with grated at least、
Enjoy flavorful、Refreshing and delicious!


Fugu NABE × Gaku Shakunaga ring plate (32 cm)

The beautiful "Shine"The cuts that swell lined up in luxury、
Vegetables、"BIOT Atsumi Hamamatsu Epistle"By providing、
Chinese cabbage、Shimonita、Scallion、芹菜、Carrot、Specialty of the Fukui Prefecture "Taniguchiya"The give them to your、
Fresh shiitake mushrooms、Agaric mushroom、This mushroom、Enoki mushroom、Prepare cucumbers、
In the home of ToyamaGaku Syakunaga"Ring plate (32 cm)In the can!
Swell of puru are I and rich in collagen, is the best!


A gentleman Pan magistrate taking the lead?OnoSan。
Of one's wife with light hand with support、Yukiko YukikoSan。
Very good 2 person、
Different years wedding anniversary just a few、2/22And by chance are close together.


"Natural Puffer fugu nabe (textile)

In the dashi kombu dashi took in the swell of ARA、Boil and simmer for a while with lots of vegetables。
To enjoy the taste of the soup、But good enough.、
At your choice、Produced in Japan "Salt with Ponzu sauce"In the will.


Autumn leaves, grated、Handed down from ancient times to Myoko-Shi, Niigata Prefecture (formerly Arai-Shi)
Incense spicy seasoning "Kanzuri"Using、Mix in the grated radish, makes!


Si White casting white 2014 Australia Margaret rival

Being associated with Margaret rival white wine Chardonnay。
Are you white、All of the grapes without discrimination was born based on the idea of using adorable blend。
Up in the wild fermentation、Three tanks is to use、
Stainless steel tank of concrete egg tank and old French oak barrels and open。
Without fining or filtration、In addition the barrels of some affected Flor。
As a result、Born hideously easy to drink、
Enjoy a taste of the magic depth and complex wine is born!
Easy to fit the Japanese、Especially with a ladle of sauce is also good.


"Natural ocellate Puffer takifugu rubripes Milt" xGaku Syakunaga"Black glazed dish (28 cm)

Male Blowfish testicles is of natural ocellate Puffer takifugu rubripes、Usually the、That is not "Luck"It is。
This time the、Number of minutes to put in special、
Perhaps、Skillfully total 400 g, beyond big、Thanks Milt!
Gaku SyakunagaOf28cmThe "Black glazed dish"Dwarf is (laughs)
"Baked ROE"Will of course be、Put in a saucepan、Luxury "Milt pot"、
And、The finish to the exciting 'Milt porridge"With Milt galore、
Filet Mignon and wear、The airport had going and leaving Alla、
The skin is "Sunomono"、Dried fin "Filet wine"Then、Let's and the Blowfish!


"Natural ocellate Puffer takifugu rubripes with Milt.

Natural ocellate Puffer takifugu rubripes in one of the finest ingredients cannot be never tasted in other fish roe。
Gently shake the seaweed salt、By thoroughly and baked in stone ware roaster、
All plump and outside、During the hot state of burn notice!
It melted in the mouth smoothness and rich, rich flavor、There's nothing like.


"Huber Malterdinger/Spaetburguoder Q.b.A. trocken 2012 "Germany Baden Pinot Noir

1987Grape growers cooperative, was joined at that time and leave、
The brewery started from scratch、As well as Germany、Became one of the world's best brewery "Bernhard Huber brewery"。
South Germany、Baden region is the southernmost point of Germany's wine country、
Situated along the border of France and Switzerland。
The most important feature of this brewery、White wine is rare in mainstream Germany、
And more than 70% red wine with Pinot Noir、
By limiting yields, made of dark grapes to ripen in small new oak barrels (Barrick)、
Has produced a supple, powerful wines。
Is never too spicy oak nuances、
Verve、More concentrated、A sharp taste to finish whole sour taste out of the skeleton of a。
Fine and delicate、Sense of balance and tannins are outstanding!


"Fried natural ocellate Puffer takifugu rubripes' xGaku SyakunagaRing light Bowl

If the original、Fried, with cloth without the ingredients:、That is, Ponzu sauce、
Beef parsnips, and enjoy the flexibility to fried chicken、
Soak in soy sauce marinated with garlic and ginger、Wrapping the potato starch and fried。
So just putting out the fire、If cloth is crunchy and the inside is plump in Jusici together perfectly!
Fried also is a rarity.


"Milt with Blowfish porridge.

Taste of Blowfish、The last pot of vegetable soup 染mi渡tta Yu、All the same "Blowfish porridge"。
But、Milt was the ultimate porridge!
My stomach is full、As much as reflowing and the stomach、And full of flavor、
Was very rich!


"Strawberry roll"、"Roasting house"The 'Mandheling.

Infused with Strawberry whipped cream that contains moist cake texture with akihime。
The coffee is、"Roasting house"In Indonesia and Sumatra island from the Mandheling。
Representative in the island of Sumatra Arabica Mandheling is famous。
Strong bitter flavor、Is characterized by bitter flavours like chocolate of unique。
This time the、In a small number of people "Fugu NABE"I enjoyed the、
ToyamaFrom stock is tasty winter Buri、
Invitation to friend、In the lively "Yellowtail Shabu-Shabu Bukkake party"I think to hold!
OnoSan、Yukiko YukikoSan、I also ask the hedge!


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