Wake up with tomato cheese steamed bread with pancake mix





I wake up pleasantly early in the morning.、When you have a little time、How about steamed bread with a simple recipe at home? Last timeMelonUse pancake mix as well、It is an introduction of "tomato cheese steamed bread" which is the best for morning.。Mix、It is an easy and easy recipe just to steam it by flowing it into a bowl.。It was served on a plate of bacon and egg today♪

Make pancake mix with quick tomato cheese steamed bun

Material (50 cc Cup 9 minutes)
Pancake Mix 150 g、Tomato juice 150cc、15g Parmesan powder cheese、1 egg

How to make a
1.Hotcake mix in a bowl、Tomato juice、Parmesan powder cheese、Add the eggs and stir well.
2.Pour into oiled olive cocotte
3.Put about 1cm of water in a frying pan.、Cover and steam for about 20 minutes while boiling over medium heat.
4.Stick a bamboo skewer.、If you don't stick together, you're done.


Ice coffee

The season of iced coffee is coming soon this year, too.。Personally,、Fukuroi home roasting coffee roaster "Blister and Japanese restaurant' Is it of ice blended (in summer only) 200 g 790 Yen is recommended!

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