Stone cauldron dome easy suites 'chocolate marble pound cake is moist rich


Toshiba recently article microwave oven "Stone kiln dome"Use the、I challenge home cooking again! This time, it is "Pound cake of the chocolate marble"♪

Chocolate marble pound cake
Materials (18 cm pound-1 minute)
Chocolate 80g、Butter 100 g、80g sugar、2 eggs、2 tbsp milk
☆ Thin powder 80g、Almond poodle 30g、1/2 teaspoon baking powder、I'll shake it together.


1. finely chopped chocolate、Dissolve in hot water.。(The oven is、180Let's heat up at


2. Put the butter and sugar back to room temperature in a bowl.、Mix in a hand mixer until whitish.。


3. Add the beaten eggs three times.、Mix。


4. Sift the pre-shaken ☆ again、I'll cut it.。


4. Some、I'll stop where the powdery ness remains.。


5. 4add milk to、Cut until it is glossy.。


6. 5mix about 1/3 of a cup of。


7. 6Return to the remaining 2/3 dough、Mix a few times and leave a piece of chocolate to make it just a little marble.。(Mixing condition is OK to your liking! )


7. Pour the dough into the pound type with a cooking sheet、Drop a ton a few tons and drain the air below.。


8. Put the mold in the center of the square dish and set it to the bottom of the oven.、180I bake it for 45 minutes.。


The surface becomes a thin chocolate color.、In a crisp yam、The inside is moist and finished.。The middle swells up.、It's like a volcanic eruption.


1.5Cut it to about cm、Whipped cream and homemade berry berry、Raspberry、Serve with blueberry confiture。The crispy texture of the surface is moist.、The chocolate marble part is rich.。Since long ago、If anything, cooking is fun, too.、I thought that it was troublesome to weigh the amount etc. and avoided making sweets.、The recent、It might be fun enough not to matter.。What sweets did you make?、Because friends, customers, and neighbors taste it and give a tidy impression、I'm glad there's a conversation that comes from it.。It is also、Thanks to all the new oven range... no.、It is the husband who purchased the oven range♪


Toshiba superheated steam oven (stone cauldron Dome)
Bake in the hot air from the top and bottom wrapping "stone kiln dome system.
Confinement of umami and moisture、Konkiplump "Stone Kiln Toa red wrap"
-Up to 400 ° C with superheated steam cooking stone kiln steam Pack yaki
-Far infrared heat to the core "oven completely whole infrared.
Total capacity:31L、Microwave power consumption:1430W、Oven power consumption:1420W
[Dimension] wide 500 × depth 460 x 412 mm in height this Constitution 22 kg
[Body desired retail price] price [color] Shell white,Grand Red

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