Not too sweet richness、With handmade chocolate "raw Choco tart" and "raw chocolate truffle" Happy Valentine's Day!


We have been doing! The day again this year and oozes sweet smell in the kitchen! Since I beganValentine's day ( St. Valentine's day )The、Ayaco prohibits the handmade chocolates! Did you know that it actually cheaper bought long time ago is (lol) is overseas, not much chocolate gift customs in Japan、1Once a year、Dear partners、And with gratitude to those who have been loving suites making fun。This year is 2014, handmade chocolates、Introduce "raw chocolate truffle" two recipes and at the same time be able to make "fresh Choco tart".

Fresh Choco tart
♦ for raw chocolate:Kubelbiterflerk 200 g、Koebersuiteflerk 100 g、Whipped cream 150 cc、Liquor (your choice in a little bit)
♦ for tart dough:Flour 120 g、Butter 65 g、Sugar 40 g、1 egg yolk、Almond 20 g、Cocoa 15 g
♦ decorative chocolate:Coating Coco 70-80 g、Cocoa powder dosage、Gold amount

Raw chocolate truffle
♦ kubelbiterflerk 200 g、Koebersuiteflerk 100 g、Whipped cream 150 cc、Cocoa powder dosage


Have butter at room temperature as good hardness (soft enough get out of shape and hand-push)、Put all ingredients for tart dough in a ziploc、The better 揉mi込nnde mix。Nice mix of Sino、Verticaly mesmerize dough about 2 hours in the refrigerator, flat and uniform thickness.。Now、During that kept the tart dough make raw chocolate!


Kubel Vitor Flake type 400 g 940 yen、Hoover Suite type flakes 200 g ¥ 450

This chocolate confectionery materials specializing in Hamamatsu "Ant Betty Club' Of what duck River store。Use the mix and a little sweet suite of two kinds of chocolate and bitter, bittersweet 2-1。Minutes need dead flakes type of thing better than chocolate、You can reduce the time。The duck River Ant Betty Club,、2014/2/15(SAT) ~ 2014 / 4 / 1 (fire)Up for store renovation enters construction stores on the first floor、2Temporary offices in the training space on the floor、2/17(Mon) ~ 3 / 20 (tree)Up, and it will be open、3/21(Gold)-4 / 1 (fire)The、For the renewal preparation、It was to be closed。And2014/4/2(Water)More HIRAIDE home store and name change、Established the kitchen in the new store will be reopened。At your place、Can see the baking scene actually、While the manufacture of homemade jams and sales、New materials offer snack and tasting as well as enjoy it! I look forward to!


Is for chocolate whipped cream、Remember the amount of chocolate。So use this raw chocolate 300 g、150 cc by provides a fresh cream。


Put the cream in a small saucepan, warm。(Note:Not to boil)


Chocolate the cream warmed in hot water over flows。


From the warm, let's quickly mix the whipped cream and chocolate。How to put the wines and spirits at this time、If you like, pour dosage。This time the、Put a little bit of rum and red wine!


Raw chocolate for truffles、Into a bowl once more rounded firmness to put、Solidify in the refrigerator。


Coating Coco 200 g 470 yen (and * coating Choco chocolate tempering of unnecessary)

Also purchased at Ant Betty Club coating Choco。By using this、In the while chocolate for truffles、Make decorative chocolate for raw Choco tart。(* This is、Coating Coco 70-80 g so I made about 15!)


In the warm melted coating Choco、Turn into pastry bag made a hole with a toothpick。


Kneeling mat bat、And while drawing a circle on a staggered schedule, we will draw the pattern。Also doing pretty decent、Those are good looks of decorative chocolate! (laughs)、Coating Choco cakes soon so will race against time。And so is a delicate decorative chocolate hardens、Pressure will keep your mind! (So few broken too good、It is recommended to make。I am divided by actual people.:Lol)


Remove the tart I can sit in the refrigerator、From the top of the plastic wrap with a rolling pin fabric larger than tart type of equal thickness to lengthen。


Tart type (20 cm tart type) to follow the flow of the fabric、We picked jerked around to fit the type。


Use a fork to、The pique (air holes that prick the dough)。


180In an oven heated to baked tart dough 20 minutes is、Let's cool the dough firmly。


Between the tart to cool.、Hardness as good in the fridge hardened chocolate spoon with a rake、On the cocoa powder more carpeted bat curled up to the size of the bite-sized candy the whole chocolate cocoa flop。


3Purchase and issue size of paper Cup、Side by side if packaged in gift box、"Raw chocolate truffle" smooth finish, melt bittersweet mouth。(* This is、300g chocolate in bite-sized raw chocolate truffle 32 piece was again!)


As well as for truffles、Raw Choco tart for chocolate is melted in a warm、Add warmed cream、Pour the liquor you prefer things remain hot、All poured into a cool tart。300fits beautifully stereotyped 20 cm in the amount of g chocolate tart。


After washing down、2Eating in the softness of the half after kinta an hour or so in the fridge it is possible。Caked-on if you leave overnight kinta (* because chocolate will not tick) to be、Do not crack when you cut、Would be better in the State left out of fridge for a while.


Fresh Choco tart decoration、How about something like this? Sprinkle gold leaf onto the glossy chocolate!


Or、Dusted with cocoa powder、Make decorative chocolate made of、A little adults are feeling bad? In addition to、Seasonal pattern、I served with strawberries and whipped cream、Shades of green is bright with crushed pistachios, and、To put walnuts and roasted food can be。Changing the decor, try out various arrangements.


Not too sweet, rich chocolate,、It goes well with coffee! And the people who love youHappy Valentine's DayPlease spend it!

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