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1Speaking of July 7th、There must be a lot of people who have reached the beginning of work soon after the New Year holiday is over.。A change from a leisurely holiday、You'll be back in a busy day.。In the year-end and New Year's holidays where binge eating is inevitable、There should be not a few people who feel tired of the stomach and body.。It is also said as a traditional event in Japan at such a time.NanakusagayuIt might be good to have a。What is Nanakusa-an?、1On the morning of July 7th, i'd like to talk about a porridge with seven kinds of vegetables.、What is the meaning of Nanakusa-an?、1Eating Nanakusa-don with the meaning "So that one year can live in good health and peace" on July 7。In winter when you can rest your tired stomach and intestines, you tend to run out of vegetables.、You can take vitamins and minerals effectively♪.


Each vegetable of Nanakusa-don has an effect.、It has only good things in the body.。What is the origin of such a nanakusa-don?、I put seven kinds of vegetables in China's "People's Day Festival" and ate soup.、It is said that the custom of praying for a disease-free life spread throughout Japan.。What is Jinjitsu?、Old、Chickens on New Year's Day in China、2The day is a dog.、3The day is sheep.、4The day is a kite.、5The day is a cow.、6The day is a horse、7The day is a person、8The day was fortune-telling using a shell.。7On the day of the day、I began to eat Nanakusa-don to enshrine evil.、About why the seven grasses、It is said that it is because it was believed that eating seasonal vegetables would give new power from the natural world and give vitality.。In Japan、From the Heian period, we will be able to receive Nanakusa-don as an event in the Imperial Palace.、At that time, only the Emperor and the royal family ate it.。To the general public、It was in the Edo period that spread.。In the Edo period、It is said that there are many customs of eating Nanakusa-don as a public holiday officially.。now it's going to be handy、At this time of year, the supermarket sells nanakusa-don sets.、Nanakusa is inadiable.。Let's keep the historical traditional events in cesssed.、It is a good idea to taste Nanakusa-don, which you can enjoy seasonal vegetables ♪

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