Invited to my house friends and his wife, Italian full course dinner party.


Gentle and was caught in the rain for a long time、Unusual home heating at full throttle switch ON the met、Aya sound Chanko of my former colleagues and the manicurist in "at.nail at nail"New owner (maiden name:Kaizu) Mr. and Mrs. ayane-Chan and the system her new-born April 3。She is independent, from the opening of the nail salon、Nail in Hamamatsu I almost let her have。It is good sense, from the outstanding technology always give 120% of satisfaction。She previously "Aya's of want to go out to the House" and was said so、This marriage of ayane-Chan & now carries also a toast in celebration of the birth, to invite you to my home。After a long party contains the power to search in fun。On this day、Because certain routes to get your deer and wild boars once again、I think you want in a full-course dinner of Italian hospitality.


Her system and her husband's second but it is nice to meet you、最初から最後までマイペースさを崩さないままグズることなくお利口さんでいてくれた息子ちゃんとは正反対で旦那ちゃんは人見知りが激しいらしく(笑)最初はよそよそしさがありましたが、Sake instantly relaxed me, made fun of。Niimura, Masahiro-Kun's husband now along the street of Yuri's "DRINK FOOD LEADER drinks & food reader"And I of being a Manager、わたし達夫婦と趣味が一緒で”美味しいもの好き”で”料理好き”ということもあってか終始そんな話で盛り上がりましたね♪


「パトリック スティラン シャンパーニュ ブラン ド ノワール グラン クリュ」フランス

新村家からの嬉しい差し入れのシャンパーニュは我が家から程近い「Drink Boo」さんで選んできてくれたそうです(感謝♪)まずはこちらで乾杯パトリック スティランの所有する畑は3ヘクタールのみ!と究極の小規模シャンパーニュ生産者です。Taste and use 100% Pinot Noir Grand Cru rating Ambon village, is a cuvee (first milking) 100% fruit juices are clear and dry taste.


6-point Prime appetizer

Chicken breast cheese Ingen roll、Marinated mushrooms、Onion consomme stew、Carrot salad、Spinach and Bacon quiche、Olive。Day from chicken breast and cut gatefold、The set overnight in the refrigerator after soaked in deliciousness in the Kasumi (vegetable bouillon powder) with olive oil and Rosemary scent in order to。巻ki付ketara, with melting cheese and seared a piece during the tied with Silicon strap、Lightly salt to the surface.、Pepper and garlic over medium heat sauté。Simmer the Braising and frying pan lid and put the white wine。Remove the Silicon strap vanocka、Stable wrapped in Saran Wrap and leave 寝kasemashou。Before serve slices of 1 cm with cutting。Available in flavors such as chicken ham and a pretty color of the Ingen。The marinated mushrooms、Shimeji and maitake mushrooms, shredded by hand、Large shiitake mushrooms, sliced、Sauteed with garlic and pepper、Herb salt, cooked with ingredients: white wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar to your liking, take the small amount of turn is completed.。Onion consomme, boiled、On the day before in a pressure cooker I sauteed Bacon with garlic、1.5put the sliced onions in cm、Dosage with water almost hidden onion consomme granules、Put a pinch of salt、→ low-voltage 3-20 minutes in simmering onions to finish、With the soup in the refrigerator overnight lay。If warmed in the microwave before serve is completed.。Carrot salad、One cut slicer and cut thin、Put the pine nuts、Lemon dressing (lemon、Olive oil、Grain vinegar、Salt、Sugar) and flavored with black pepper。Spinach quichePrevious recipeReferring to。Bought new from Italy apita move if frequenting it inception KALDI's in olive。Because the appetizer platter have tables set up beforehand、Cold, it also provides delicious food!


"Genovese buckets of oyster sauce、Tomato and Buffalo mozzarella Caprese.

Genoese sauce oyster、The other day "La Casa La Casa"And I'm in imitated because of very good we had square brackets。Boiled big oysters from dishwasher smell took in salted water and remove the drain on kitchen paper、Flicked the flour sauteed with garlic、Put butter and white wine are burnt as、Finally shredded basil sauce and fresh basil plus 絡metara is completed.。Baguette, as do beans and tender texture of a thick oyster!


See Verdicchio di Castelli di Jesi Classico 2012 Saltarelli "Italy white 750 ml 1600 Yen

Explained course contents of the dish is white and Red "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER hamakita shop"And I'm in small select Yoshiyuki Tomino Noriko and Suzuki beauty drilled。少し緑がかったレモンイエロー色甘くコクのあるアロマ青草、Mint、ハッカミネラルの香りうま味が凝縮された上品な果実の香りを持っていますアフターには特有のビターなニュアンスがあります惹きつけられる魅力的な香りと口当たりで、Verdicchio tasting in the thickness is。Bare VENERO cost 2013 issued by Gambero Rosso、Been included in Le Marche, No.1 cost performance win。Than when cold、When you came up the temperature a little taste delicious、Also very good with food.


"Sauteed potato potage with scallops.

2 with Kite Akari、Bark, 灰汁抜ki。Half-pieces thinly sliced onion, sauteed in butter、There's 500 cc of water and 1 tablespoon of stock granules、水切りしたジャガイモとローリエの葉を1枚投入しジャガイモが柔らかくなるまで煮込みますローリエを取り出したら一旦ミキサーにかけ鍋に戻し牛乳(濃厚な味わいがお好きな方は生クリームでもOK)でお好みの濃さにのばします塩で味を調整すればポタージュは完成帆立は刺身用のものを軽くハーブソルトで下味を付けてガーリックソテー器のセンターに盛り付けてポタージュを注ぎ最後に生クリームを回しかけたら完成優しい味わいのポタージュですよ♪



In charge of her husband's pasta。Bacon in the neighborhood at Watanabe butcher shop purchase。FRY until crispy bacon in the olive oil over low heat and fire through、And then put the white wine and simmer。Up there homemade broth、And then putting cream 50 cc or so、We crowded into the whipped cream flavor of bacon、Some sauce so far have been packed with、Add the juice to boil the pasta, and adjust the salt of your choice、The source added in the 5-year aged Parmigiano-Reggiano。大きめのボウルに卵黄2個を用意パスタが茹で上がったら詰めたソースの中に入れよく絡めます最後に溶いた卵黄のボウルに投入し素早く回し和え器に盛りパルミジャーノレッジャーノをお好みで削りかけ黒胡椒を一振りすれば完成。Pasta spaghetti with VIVA ITALIA in I immediately have unwittingly failed rich texture and delicious Carbonara is!


"Squid and squid with onion and tomato linguine with black ink"

Gate sliced squid、Onion, finely chopped、And diced tomatoes、Put 1 garlic sauteed。As nothing more than the burning squid only pull ahead。そこへ袋井の「Italy dining Anello Anello」さんの芳国くんに分けてもらったイカ墨ソースに自家製ブイヨンを投入しパスタの茹で汁を加えてお好みの塩分に味を調整しソースを作ります茹で上がったパスタとよく和えたら完成ですパスタはVIVA ITALIAのリングイネを使用イカ墨のコクと玉葱の甘みとトマトの酸味が絶妙のイカ墨パスタの完成です♪


Source Red Snapper sauteed celery

前日にハーブソルトした真鯛にローズマリーを乗せて香り付けし冷蔵庫で寝かせますローズマリーと一緒に真鯛は皮面をこんがりガーリックソテーし、If 裏返shitara and put the white wine, put completed fire。Had separately, 国くん sauce, celery root here.、Pour into it、If you 盛ri付ketara to the Center completed。Red Snapper finished with sweet cream sauce, celery root goes well。Y. 国kunn、Now let me "celery root sauce" recipe!


Renudidon Pinot Noir 2012 Tunisia Red

The former owner of the South of France Domaine、Most famous mornag Tunisia wine wine。By reducing the limit yields、In very dense、果実の旨味たっぷりの味わいに仕上げており穏やかな酸味と凝縮された果実味は圧倒的な存在感を持っていて余韻も楽しめます♪



肉料理は旦那様が担当鹿のヒレとロースは気合いを入れ過ぎてしまったせいか、Too much and burning, hard... and so far pretty much depressed husband include wild boar, in revenge of the fallen、This is the best finish! Game's first experience of ayane-Chan too fast ' delicious! "And did not cry。初めてのジビエがこんなに美味しいと先が怖いと要らぬ心配をする可愛い彩音ちゃん(笑)貴重な食材が最後は美味しく仕上げることができて旦那様もほっと一安心料理は失敗もありますが本当に経験がものを言いますお客様を招いておいて失敗するのも申し訳ないことですがそんなことも笑い飛ばす感じで楽しく食事をしてくれた新村夫妻に感謝感謝です♪





"Brazil peaberry' 200 g 940 yen

Of Fukuroi "Blister and Japanese restaurant」さんのブラジルの丸い形をした珍しい豆ピーベリーを食後にデザートと共に楽しみました夜の22時頃まで楽しい時間を過ごすことができたのですが、In the meantime、1度も泣き声を上げることなくニコニコとお利口な愛息子ちゃん素晴しく親孝行者ですね(笑)賑やかな人がたくさんいる場所が大好きなようで先が楽しみな元気一杯な男の子です雅くん彩音ちゃん楽しい時間を本当にありがとう次回は1月にでも新婚さんのお宅にお邪魔させてくださいね♪

You can buy today's white and red wines ↓ ↓ ↓

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