Lucky omen! ? Make a nest to bat house


[pix_dropcap]Night[/pix_dropcap]Late in the、The high note at the door, and listen to the strange "squeaking"。What? What? And will go towards my partner can hear sound、It stopped ringing a little。After a few moments、Also strange "piyarpiyr" and、It sounds like a little launch fireworks。Isn't fireworks a little insane at this time?。They show interest and go outside.。I'm worried about it too, and i'll follow you、they feel a sign or stop ringing in an instant。That's been going on for a while.、It's not fireworks, is it? come to the conclusion that、A bug? Is it a bird again? Depending on the size of the sound, it doesn't make you feel like a small animal.。And after the cry、Don't you hear something flying?。From the cry, the true identity、It looks like a bat.。Bats、In general, bats have an image that leads to vampires in the West.、In fact, the blood-sucking species of other animals (chisui bats) are very small.、They usually eat small animals such as plants (mainly fruits) and insects.。In the East, there is no tradition of hating bats in history.、Rather、"Bat" in Chinese (biānfú) "Biased" means "good fortune comes bias" (piānfú) to go through to、has been a symbol of good luck。Such a bat、is regarded as a symbol of rich wealth.、5The pattern of the two bats in a circle is considered one of the most popular paintings on furniture and pottery.。Bats、It seems to have a highly developed sensor.、It is believed that it is only a place of good luck to build a nest.。And、It is said to be one of the signs that families will become very wealthy.。If a bat's nest was made in my house, i would appreciate the strange voice of the middle of the night.、It's a symbol that can't help but be welcomed ( laughs )

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