Experience the world full of reality at "XCUBE ExCube" the prefecture's first VR and AR amusement facility!

Shizuoka Prefecture's first VR and AR amusement facility, which was established on July 30, 2020, on the 3rd floor of the "Machicho Plaza" building near a station in Hamamatsu CityXCUBE (ExCube)」! This isVR(Virtual Reality仮想現実)AndAR(Augmented Reality拡張現実)It is an attraction-type amusement facility where you can experience the technology of the game!

"Kajimachi Plaza" was originally the place where ito-Yokado Hamamatsu Ekimae store was located、Currently in the building、There is a local horse racing off-site ticket office "Joy Horse Hamamatsu"、It is also a commercial facility crowded with horse racing fans on weekends!

Here, popular sound game and coaster-type attractions, etc.、You can experience a variety of contents that make full use of the latest VR and AR、On weekdays, I became a salaryman and an OFFICE worker on my way home from work.、On weekends, it is often used by families and couples with children!

The facility is a spacious space more than I imagined、Led's vivid blue lighting provides a sense of unity、A space that gives the impression of a futuristic game center。While mainly the latest digital content of more than a dozen kinds, analog content such as trick art is also fused、From small children to adults, there is a preference for people of all ages to enjoy!


「施設内のコンテンツを一通りお楽しみになりたい場合は90分以上がおすすめですよ」とスタッフさんに紹介され、This time the平日フリーパス90分(一般会員:2,000Yen)のコースを利用致します!


「VR Super Hero」

最初に体験したのは施設の中でも一際目を惹く七角形の青いステージで近未来系のゲームとなる「VR Super Hero」!
アトラクション毎にパネルのガイドが設置されており「このアトラクションはスタッフが案内します」と書かれたものに関しては、Let's talk to the staff with the call button before playing!

It's not the first time I've worn VR goggles、I'm still unfamiliar with it.、Ask the staff to help you。Although the method of adjustment is slightly different depending on the goggles、I will adjust the size to just the right fit according to the size of the head!

VR(Virtual Reality仮想現実)、AR(Augmented Reality拡張現実)MR(Mixed Reality複合現実)などはほんの少し前までは近未来的に思っていたのですがこの分野の進化は目紛しく世界中の様々な分野で活躍している技術です!実際に日本ではまだまだあまり見慣れないこの姿ではありますがこれからは多くの場面で目にすることでしょう!しかしゴーグルを装着している私の姿を側から見るとこんな感じに写っていたのですねゴーグル自体が大きいため仰々しさは否めません(笑)

Here you will、2019"Richie & #8217;s Plank Experience" released in 2008!

Buildings in the city appearing in goggles。The picture was changed into an elevator.、Use the controller on your right to press the Plank button。The elevator rises to the top floor of a high-rise building at once.、You can see the excitement and excitement of the feeling of really riding an elevator and the way it rises realistically!

The world where the elevator stops is on the 80th floor skyscraper!
But、There's only one plate at the end of the elevator.、Feel the world of Kaiji! (laughs)

私は高所恐怖症ではありませんし、I also love the scenery from the tall building.、Honestly、このたった1本突き出した細板に踏み出すまでの勇気はかなり要りました。Why is、誤って踏み外したら落ちてしまう(ように感じる)のですから!それほどにリアリティな世界が待っていると思っていただいて良いでしょう!

Never be willing、While gaking one step at a time、そろりそろりと歩きやっとの思いで細板の先端までは進むことができました!後はこの細板から飛び降りる勇気さえあれば・・・本当に80階の超高層ビルから飛び降りる擬似体験ができてしまうのです。This thrill is amazing! It was really just scary!

Even though my feet are actually on the ground、細板の先端は風に煽られているかのような感覚や細板が揺れているような感覚に陥るほどに危機迫るリアリティさがあり、I was scared of the situation, so I retreated and gave up jumping.。My dream was to do bungee jumping overseas someday.、Based on this experience, I will give up the challenge of bungee jumping (laughs)

A little more playful game to me chicken would be better、Select "Fire Deck" to extinguish the fire!
The controller on the left hand side becomes a hose.、It is a game that releases a lot of water and extinguishes the blazing flame!
The controller on the right hand becomes a jetpack、You can fly freely in the sky using the controller!
This is another roller coaster up and down、Rising and swooping on the roofs of high-rise buildings、Feel as if you're Spider-Man、even though it's not really floating、The experience of playing in the sky through the gaps in the buildings is very exciting and enjoyable!

Approximately 8 minutes (80 seconds per game x 2)

This "HADO" has a head-mounted display on the head、It is an AR sport that enjoys playing against opponents while attaching an arm sensor to the arm and releasing the technique!
HADO, an AR sport from Japan, is spreading all over the world.、Currently available in more than 36 countries。More than 2.1 million people around the world have experienced HADO、Its competitive population seems to be increasing by the day!

It is also featured in the Hirnandez program、Takuya Kimura, an entertainer famous for his dislike of losing, and So Takei, the king of beasts, also became a hot topic in the battle in the program, state-of-the-art and new era AR sports! At this facility, including former Japan national football players Shuhiro Takeda and Agremina Hamamatsu players、A lot of people are challenged! I heard that there are people who can enjoy private reservations from this day as well in the afternoon!

This is also taught how to operate by the staff's guidance、The speed and size of the energy ball by attaching an arm sensor、Charge speed、Customize four parameters, such as shields, to suit you and get started!

1 team 3 if it should have been:3I can play against you.、I cpu and one:1Play against each other!

You can raise your right arm, charge your energy, and then extend your right arm straight to play energy balls.、I will beat the energy ball with the life of the opponent's four places!
Once you get used to it, you can use your left hand to shield and defend.、It is also necessary to avoid the energy ball of the opponent using the foot lightly foot with the footwork to the right to the left!

Energy Ball is like a dragon ball's wave、It's like a street fighter's wave fist.、A sport with dreams!

1In 80 seconds, a team with a lot of goals wins at the end of the game.、I could barely win the CPU!
When I actually finished two games, my breath was up.、I think that it is a sport that can be enjoyed even for me without the physical strength of Around 50!
Because there is no doubt that there is a lack of exercise in the state where the sports gym which went to every day due to corona disaster is dormant、I can sweat softly and well with such a fun AR sport、If it's going to be this much whole body exercise、I recommend it by all means to those who are concerned about lack of exercise!

This time, it was a match against the CPU by one person、Next time I invited friends who lacked exercise 3:3I would like to play with!

There is a café space at your own end.、You can take a break from tea on the way!
This facility is free of charge.、The café space is also free to use, "Students are welcome to use it as a study space!" It was said!

At the shooting booth set up beside the café space、Make a portion of the image transparent from a specific color component、There you can play with chroma key synthesis of technology to synthesize different images! Choose your favorite background and enjoy taking a commemorative photo!

I chose a landscape where nature spreads、Commemorative photo in full bloom!
If you read the QR code at the bottom right with your smartphone,、You can also get the images you're taking!


In the Digital Kids Area、There is "iSandBOX" that even small children can enjoy、This is an AR sandba that is an evolution of sand play where children and adults are "played, learned, healed" without age restrictions!

Developed by Universal Terminal Systems in 2012、2013AR Sandba, which started mass production and sales in 2008,、A wide variety of content to play。Catching sea life in an underwater kingdom、Erupting volcanoes while digging and digging in the sand、To defeat monsters.、It will be a fairytale sandba where stories are born one after another!

You can learn while touching the sand、Kindergartens and elementary schools in 47 countries around the world、It has been introduced to various facilities such as theme parks, museums, science museums, psychotherapy, nursing care, etc.、2019It is an excellent work that won the Kids Design Award in 2008!

I experience the playful coloring toy and the ocean where you can be healed by the beauty of the sea and mountains!

Propeller aircraft and cars、Bears, etc. are bordered with blue and red lines、by the color of that line、Blue is the sand.、Red is a coloring book that can add color by digging sand!

Blue line propeller aircraft with sand、When all the blue lines are green、The illustration because it was stationary.、It has become an interesting device that the propeller plane flies off!

The smooth and fine sand heals when you touch it、This is a sandbar where not only children but also adults are absorbed in playing!

「VR Cycle Touring」

"VR Cycle Touring" uses a fitness exercise bike、You can enjoy an aerial walk while cycling!
Because the image and the speed change according to the speed of pedaling、Have fun at your own pace!
You can experience the course "Hong Kong and Shanghai"、"Around Fuji"、"Night View of Tokyo"、You can choose from 4 courses of "Lake Hamana".、Choose a location in Shanghai that you visited 3 years ago! I was able to enjoy various Shanghai scenery from daytime scenery to beautiful night view of illumination!

「Beat Saber」

Beat Saber is a simple rhythm game where you slash blocks flying in front of you to the music!

According to the good electronic music of Nori、全身運動しながらブロックをバッタバッタと斬りまくる感覚が爽快でストレス解消にはピッタリ!

You can choose the level of difficulty、First of all, challenge from the beginner course、It will be interesting if you can gradually attack the advanced course!

「VR Dream Match Baseball」

This is by reproducing the pitching of baseball players、Vr content "VR Dream Match Baseball" that enables a realistic baseball experience! I haven't been to the batting center in a long time.、I was able to hit a home run with only one pitch while trying a few pitches.、Fireworks went up on the screen and it was exciting! I'm prepared for muscle pain because I've been swinging the bat too hard (laughs)


Finally, go to "9DVR", which is the most popular in the facility! Get into a futuristic egg-shaped chair!
This is a powerful image unfolding in the goggles, linking vibration and sound while experiencing an extraordinary virtual space、It is a new sense of attraction where you can experience fear such as screaming coaster system and horror system!
4The contents to be selected and experienced from two video attractions seem to be updated regularly、今回は恐竜の世界へ飛び込む「Dino Trek」に挑戦!

On a high-speed ride along the vast jungle road-free road、The world of dinosaurs appearing one after another is truly Jurassic Park! I was excited at first.、I think we can get to the goal safely from around the midfield.、Anxiety and fear are max! Let's enjoy the ending that comes down to you at the last minute only for those who experience it!

Why did we end this main event?、Because the staff told me that it may be the most intoxicating attraction、I wanted to get on first and avoid the others being able to enjoy it! By the way, my husband seems to have got drunk with this "9DVR".。'VR drunkenness' is caused by symptoms similar to general vehicle sickness。All attractions in the facility are represented by the number of ☆ "ease of drunkenness", so please refer to it、Please be careful if you are weak in the three-semicir tube or who are prone to vehicle sickness!

Finally, we spoke with Masayuki 2hiro, Manager of Section 4 of the Sales Department of Asahi House Industry Co., Ltd., which operates this facility!
Started from the planning of this facility、Mr. 2hiro who is in all the way to the operation。
Speaking of the end of July last year when the facility was opened in the first place、In Hamamatsu, everyone was suffering from the second wave of corona.。However,、The city is getting more and more lonely、While seeing the severity of local cities、"I want to somehow cause a flow of people in the city."、"I want to make this city a good one somehow."、"I want to create a flow of young people to revitalize the city!" And、Every day I wonder what I can do for the community as a developer。During such、2The student-centered project that I had been working on in Tamachi for about 20 years began to show the connection and spread of people little by little, and it began to move.、As the second step, we moved the place to this "Machi Plaza"、It is said that this "XCUBE" was worked on as a new business.。The name of the facility "XCUBE" means "box to experience"、Not limited to VR and AR、Mr. 2hiro says that he wants to create an environment where visitors can always have new experiences.。I'm looking forward to "XCUBE" which will always show evolution in the future!

The best way to experience VR and AR is to actually experience it rather than understand it with your head!

I think that you can enjoy more if you get used to operation etc.、Next time I feel like I can enjoy it more than the first time!

Like a game center? Like a gym?
Oh、More than that, the amusement facility "XCUBE" where you can fully enjoy the world view full of reality!

XCUBE (ExCube)
Address:Kajimachi Plaza 3F, 1-2 Kajicho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka
Hours of operation:10:00-21:00(Last reception hours 20):30-
Open every day
Parking lot:Kajipla Parking / 2nd Parking / 2nd Parking
※Only for those who presented a parking ticket:A total of 2,000 yen or more will be used and a service ticket of 400 yen will be granted.)

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