Tokyo souvenir ' Azabu-juban could trade ' and ' the Maple Mania "


"The Maple mania"The Maple butter cookies (Pack of 9)

And he always customer to the Salon every time、Good information and、Y like bring a delicious difference。I am a gluttonous、While grateful and Y our favorite candy is actually every time very fun also。This time the、As had been business trip to Tokyo, Tokyo gift!


First of all、Eyes deprived voters of a package of cookies。One across in the cookie dough with maple syrup and butter Choco。Light cookie dough texture with crunchy、Is a delicious sweetness of butter Choco mellow "involuntarily become smile"!


"Azabu 10-up trade"The tomato basil give cakes

Whats here。Cookies on rice crackers、Luxury snack while otherwise the glad!


In the light fabric and the、Nice smell of the acidity of the tomatoes and basil and Italian rice crackers。Nice salty、A Western-style tomato that is seasoned with、It is also delicious with rice crackers also the texture of the rice crackers often get into the habit ~ ♪

Spend time with y、Always exciting thing in delicious.、最近お料理に目覚められたようで”ayacoさんの料理教室を是非”とのお申し出を受けましたわたしのつたない手抜きの時短料理で良ければいつでもお教えしたいと思います(笑)Y様ご連絡お待ちしておりますね美味しいお土産をありがとうございました~♪

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