Open the strawberry-Suzuki farm! Stuff oneself with bright red strawberries strawberry picking!

Shizuoka winter and spring (December-may) speaking of the beginning of season、You can eat Shizuoka's brand strawberry picking the strawberry picking is popular! To keep the season bright red Strawberry、To the strawberry farm in Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku 3 saiwai-Cho 12/14/2018 (Friday) was opened in strawberry village Suzuki farm has been doing!

Place、Meat market Mam (MAM) we miyakoda (flying dragon road) to signal to the West advanced 500 metres away, and、4490Square meters (approximately 1,360 Tsubo) what strawberry picking in front of the greenhouses located in the vast shimmering banners are marked!

The vast flickering your farm、And wish to enjoy from young children to old people、Park has been accessible for disabled people as much as possible、110high as cm high position at the planters for culture、Without having put a strain in the lower back can enjoy strawberry picking easier!

Green House 11 building sequence.、25,000To align and strawberries on stocks is overwhelming!

The environment in the House、Seeking stability of soil moisture to weak dried Strawberry、Temperature and humidity、Such as the carbon dioxide concentration and artificially controlled by the IoT equipment、Always keep the environment perfect for strawberry、Strive is a stable yield and quality!
By utilizing high-tech modern agriculture、In your smart phone to browse in real time 24-hour environmental data is available、It is very smart to manage!

However,、Not in the hands of mindless cultivation、Even with this system's administrative convenience!
Watch Ichigo with large amounts of data every day to achieve growth、Still some rests in the hands of the producers!

"Strawberry picking" are available、It is first come first serve!
To become closed soon disappear: Strawberry day、Off peak weekend、We recommend going during the week if you can!

At the reception desk、And to pay adult price 1700 Yen、Is handed a cup of condensed milk、As well as guide in the House!
Gathering area in the House、Separately, divided in half、You will be directed to the、Be able to move freely across a vast range、On a journey looking for a delicious Strawberry is out!

In the farm village Suzuki of strawberries here、And loved for many years as representative Shizuoka strawberries 'akihime'、"Most I are scrumptious" and popular "red cheek was pettanko" of brand Strawberry 2 all you can eat "time limitation"!

Get a foot into a warm House feel warm、And surrounded by the sweet smell of Strawberry、Guests can pamper themselves in the dreamy mood!

On the white Strawberry flowers、Strawberries, I could look adorable eyes of bees to pollination valued help big success!

What do bees、So don't bite、Bees work hard please give instructions gently!

This special guidance to、I learned selection of delicious strawberries and the correct way to picking!
The delicate strawberries、Will be damaged from touching one's hands。

"I think what Strawberry? "And good with Visual、Picked strawberries once touched are directly responsible, let's eat!
Over the years, lovingly grown in strawberry。Rules to protect、Fun and delicious Strawberry picking is what you want!



For a delicious Strawberry、1-click the first strains of Strawberry with big "top results"! The dark green calyx that has warped Rin and gourmet Strawberry、Mature sick too!

Ripe red "top results" is conspicuously at the Roundhouse、Baggage Hari is also glazed、Great look and then see、Sweet ~ no 堪rimasen smell!

'Akihime (AKIHIME).
As a brand Strawberry in Shizuoka、The chapter has been loved for years、In taste reduces acidity、Filled with fruit juice water people enjoyment highlights!
Refreshing taste so many as will get eaten!

"Red cheeks getting pettanko (BENIHOPPE)"
Princess in chapter "Sachi's?" of the new Shizuoka was born by mating brand Strawberry、With rich aroma、Good balance of sweetness and acidity、Delicious strawberry flavor is felt! Eating large、Comes the time of bliss!

Condensed milk is "free refills" at the reception desk、I、Enjoy the taste of Strawberry pure love!

In the strawberry-Suzuki farm"、Scratch your direct sales also are and、In Guthrie's largesse nearly 300 g with Strawberry sold per Pack 500 yen! (Note:The number is limited please ask in advance)

This chapter Princess picked up、Please put the original character seal it can look lifeless、Completion of the gift products! Thank you very much!

Long period of time、Kenji Suzuki (48 years old) had been a company work such as financial institutions, construction and real estate industry.、Only when、And I want to give directly to stuff yourself with all my heart and made fan the flame、Kuroki、Loaded in 2 hotels located in city Strawberry farmer's experience、Has been an entrepreneur as new farmers entering!

Reading struggles spell the State from before the opening came prepared and blog、For many people reaching a delicious Strawberry、Ask the appearance have been working every day!

Stick to organic manure fertilizer、Reduce as far as possible pesticide、Incorporates safe farming using natural enemies、Suzuki has been aimed at the production of safe and delicious Strawberry!
Smiling sweetly "still making more delicious Strawberry want now."、Show me love to Ichigo! Also looking forward to next season!

Hamamatsu climax Strawberry season! Everyone please visit us!

Strawberry-Suzuki farm
Address:Shizuoka, Hamamatsu-Shi, Kita saiwai-Cho 3 57-2
Hours of operation:9:00-18:00
(Note:May according to the State's strawberry time prior to closing)
Handling brand Strawberry:Akihime、Red cheeks getting 2 varieties of
Strawberry picking rates:1February 10-rates until the end of February、Adults (junior high school students and over) 1700 Yen、Child (elementary school student) 1400 yen (note:The price varies on a monthly basis)
* Preschool children in the opening celebration season free campaign!
* Time limit、Reservations not accepted、Condensed milk refills free
* Please booking groups like (20 degrees or more)
Parking lot:20Or more available (free).

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