Nepal's President invited to! Kathmandu, Lumbini, sightseeing & tour

Once again、Welade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineThe、Republic of South Asia in friendly relations with Japan "NepalFederal Democratic Republic "to the" Nepal President Office "of your invitation、This 9 / 11, while Nepal Tourism & tour turns out!

Nepal Association of Shizuoka Prefecture YAIZU city "Namaste Nepal appealed" Chairman、"Fuji country Goodwill Ambassador.Maharjan Niles (Maharjan Naresh)Under the guide of、2015"Shimizu Lions Club" and pray for a revival of the Nepal earthquake disaster of unprecedented, April 27, and supported by "makinohara City International Exchange Association.、With Yoshida-Cho International Exchange Association、Reconstruction of the current tour started.、Presidential Office visits、Katmanzraions Club in the capital Kathmandu to purpose、Tour with trips to the surrounding world heritage sites in Nepal to practice!

On this day、At that meeting participants gathered in Shizuoka city、Dinner will be served in the "Japan Sea Zhuang and Asti Shizuoka' Shizuoka station in!

As a master of ceremonies、Nepal travel is inside this would explain the purport of this journey again experienced "Shimizu of the Lions Club" ASAI Masanori-San (former police chief)、Our first meeting is due to、Participants introduce each other、At local time schedules, will be meeting!

Shimizu Lions Club and see makinohara City International Exchange Association.、The Yoshida-Cho International Exchange Association、And engage as Chairman of the company's current、Many people will have is already fully active、Senior's life, and is a great people and a rich experience!
During such、40Bill said that though momentum lowers the average age as a "young man"、We really appreciate this trip can be a valuable experience to contribute!

To begin with、Bank of Nepal travel、My local has become indebted in makinohara city two erhu playerYumiko Naito (Yumiko Naito)Will be your introduction to the teacher。
Previous、Due to friendship still trigger that was learning the erhu from itching on her、I have delivered for domestic and international travel information is given coverage report rights our lade! Yumiko child teacher、Thank you very much!

Nepal has for the first time set foot into that、They also include various notes。
However,、This time the、In fluent Japan language、Since arriving on the graduated from high school in Nepal at the age of 18、And living in Japan so far、By maharjan theres Japan culture better understand me please guide and schedule adjustments。
Niles's wife is Japanese that there、Not to mention it's fluent Japan language、7Two Niles's manipulation of language!
In the us, is the same as I was born in 1973 in that 43-year-old Springs familiarity、And is encouraging supporters to high-security trip!

For more information on the journey、To enjoy as we step up!

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